MotoGP may be planning a future support class for electric bikes, but team bosses doubt they will replace petrol-powered machines in the near future.

At least they hope not.

The representatives of Honda, Ducati, Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM and Aprilia were quick to acknowledge the role electric power will play in other forms of motorcycling.

But, performance aside, the loss of MotoGP's ground-shaking noise would be too much for many of them to bear.

"If there is electric class, it’s okay, but I’m 53 and I would miss the sound of a proper engine. This is my personal opinion," said Livio Suppo, speaking shortly before leaving his post as Repsol Honda team principal.

Ducati MotoGP Project Director Paolo Ciabatti then quipped: "I’m 60, so it’s even worse for me! I need the noise."

"I’m 45 years old and like fuel as much as Paolo and Livio!" added KTM Motorsport Director Pit Beirer. "So I’m happy we arrived in MotoGP now, with the fantastic sound of these engines and I hope we can stay there for a while.

"I don’t see that electric engines can take over the MotoGP main class in the next 15 years, also my personal opinion."

But Beirer does expect electric power to have a bigger impact in other areas, such as his own former sport of motocross, where the silent machines will open up new riding possibilities.

"Electric bike development will go on. There are fantastic projects coming up and fantastic vehicles to use on completely different places than we are used to using motorcycles at the moment.

"We can come closer to cities with electric bike engines. But I just don’t see them ready to take over all our fuel-burning love of motorcycles. Let’s wait for the future."

Continuing the theme of age admission, Suzuki team manager Davide Brivio began by declaring: "I'm not so far from 60!

"I think [electric] is the way the industry is moving," he continued. "We see cars moving in that direction, actually in the last couple of years quite fast. And also the motorcycle is looking at that. So I think it’s normal that Dorna is thinking about this [electric class].

"I don’t know if we will always have, but for many more years we will have the top class like this, maybe [petrol] engines. But in the same time, the electric category will grow more and more. I think it’s correct to experience that field and to start to study that area."