Ducati will not be building two different MotoGP chassis for Andrea Dovizioso and Jorge Lorenzo. Paulo Ciabatti said “It is true that Jorge Lorenzo has more difficulty achieving a good speed when entering and turning when you release the brakes, but this is also a problem for Andrea Dovizioso, who is more aggressive at this stage. Any improvement will be beneficial for both, and the new chassis will have enough adjustment possibilities to allow it." - AS

Dovizioso believes there is a fine line between pushing and falling in the most difficult races. After claiming a second place finish last season, Dovizioso only fell six times and he said “Overall, it’s not easy to find the line between pushing and falling. But that brings the development of a world cup with it. The bikes are changing, so are the tires. Everything is getting tighter, which does not make it easy. But for riders who really have the speed, it is more difficult in the training than in the race." - Speed Week

Andrea Iannone has revealed he is expecting a lot more in 2018. This season is the Italian rider’s second year with Suzuki and he said “2017 proved to be more difficult than we expected, such a shame, because after the first test at Valencia we thought we could achieve good results.” The Aragon tests appeared to have filled Iannone with confidence ahead of this season “we were able to test the new material and could therefore understand the errors and be competitive at the same time. All of this gave me confidence as we look ahead to a brighter 2018 for and Suzuki." - GP One

Valentino Rossi has spoken about the memories from his first title win. Rossi said “It’s a great moment to fight for the World Cup. But you never know if this feeling will come back. It is impossible to stay calm. Pressure is sometimes better to find the last five percent. A title triggers great emotions. The first one is unforgettable." - Speed Week