MotoGP Q2 - Results: Viñales, P.Espargaro, Quartararo, Morbidelli, Marquez, Dovizioso, Rossi, Zarco...CLICK HERE for the full results


And ride of the day, Pol Espargaro, after a stunning 2nd place on the grid: "I have no words to explain it! The bike has been very good all weekend. In qualifying I pushed with all and with more temperature we could do it. I still can't believe seeing our 'baby' here in the middle of the front row. Incredible!"


Pole man Viñales: "I feel good on the bike. When you have a good feeling with this bike you can do really good lap times. I can push really hard on used tyres. I can't wait to have the chance to fight for the victory."


Quartararo seems downbeat at losing pole at the end. He'll start from 3rd and says he kept losing the front at T11 (Curvone!!!) which caused him to reign it in a bit. Considering that, 3rd is a remarkable effort.


Well, then. How about that for an end to qualifying session?


I think Marquez had already lost the lap, as he exceded track limits on the exit of Curvone but Rossi put the boot in regardless. Payback for having a Marquez shaped shadow throughout FP3 / Q2? 


Rossi gives Marquez a taste of his own medicine! The Spaniard had shadowed the #46 for most of that session but he got by with a tough move into Curvone. Then Rossi responded, braking deep into T14 and forcing Marquez to sit up! The world champion obviously isn't pleased, sits up and nearly rides into the Yamaha! Rossi, of course, acts completely incredulously, insisting on his utter and complete innocence! 


Viñales gets pole. And the drama doesn't end there...


But that place is precarious. Viñales and Marquez are on quick ones!


From nowhere Pol Espargaro fires his KTM onto pole position! Wow, incredible. 


Dovizioso improves drastically to 7th. A more than welcome lap for the Italian. 


Rins 7th, Pirro 9th. And as we saw in FP3, Marquez is tucked in behind Rossi, using the Italian as a marker just ahead. He's a devil, isn't he?


Viñales has pitted for the 2nd time and is now out on the final run. You feel this is still wide open.


Fastest through the 2nd sector, Morbidelli nearly has an almighty high-side as he comes onto the back straight. He was so, so lucky to keep hold of that. That could've been ugly.


Viñales may well be on a two-stop strategy here. He's currently on his 2nd run and improves to 3rd. It's tight at the top, with 0.17s covering the front 4 (Qua, Mor, Viñ, Mar).


7 minutes to go: Qua, Mor, Mar, Viñ, Ros. P.Esp, Mir, Zar, Rin, Dov, Pir, Nak is the order.


Dovizioso is behind Rins and Rossi but their tow doesn't help him substantially. He can only manage 10th. 


It's been a tough day for Ducati so far. It shows few signs of improving with Pirro currently 10th and Dovizioso 12th.


Quartararo goes even quicker, Marquez jumps from 12th to 3rd and Viñales climbs to 4th. Rossi doing OK in 5th. 


It's a Petronas Yamaha SRT 1-2 as Quartararo leads Morbidelli after the first round of laps. Mir is a sensational 3rd with Viñales, Rossi and Zarco following.