In second place for much of the Austrian MotoGP, Miller’s hopes of bringing home a factory Ducati 1-2 were squashed when Quartararo made an unlikely move at the new chicane.

Arguably the most aggressive change of direction on the 2022 calendar, any overtake was going to be very close to contact, which was exactly how it played out when Quartararo sent his M1 Yamaha to the inside at the second part of the chicane. 

Unlike Mandalika earlier in the season when the two riders made contact, Quartararo managed to make a clean pass before creating enough of a gap on the exit of turn three to not be attacked along the back-straight. 

"I was surprised how fast he came past me there," said Miller. "Watching it back it looks like I’m going at Granny speed. But he had good confidence and at that moment I was really suffering on the left side. 

"I didn’t want to put the lean angle too quickly because every time I would do it I would lose the front. 

"He really attacked it and was able to get it done. It was impressive and today it was 10/10. He was able to not only do that because I was coming back for the attack at turn three, but he was able to do what he needed to do to protect the line. 

"He was able to open enough of a gap so that I wasn’t able to attack again."

Red Bull Ring ‘one of the easiest in terms of physical condition’ - Bagnaia

A track that is already considered less physical than most on the current MotoGP calendar, Bagnaia stated that the new chicane had no effect on his physical condition.

Bagnaia said: "For me this is one of the easiest [circuits] in terms of physical condition. You don’t really have to push on the bike. 

"You just have to have force on the braking but it’s not so hard physically. The new chicane doesn’t change anything, sincerely. 

"For sure, in terms of layout the older one was better for our bike but in this case it’s more for all the bikes and physically it’s not the main one."

That wasn’t the view shared by Miller, who claimed to be struggling as the race went on, leading him to call Bagnaia ‘Iceman’ during the post-race press conference. 

Miller added: "The chicane was fun and I think it threw in another aspect to the track because a lot of the corners were very similar. 

"At least now you have another element there with maybe the fastest change of reaction on the calendar. It’s got a lot of grip and you can really whack it on coming out. 

"It’s a lot of fun and as the race distance went on I definitely starting struggling there. It added another element to the track when the tyres get used and what-not. 

"It gets a bit squirrely on the change of direction. I wouldn’t say it made it less physical. It’s 28 laps around here and 28 laps around anywhere on a MotoGP bike is physical. Maybe not for Pecco [Bagnaia] - he’s Iceman. But I was getting pretty tired pulling the brake lever." 

‘I didn’t see anyone nearly die’ - Miller credits MotoGP for safer Red Bull Ring

After one of the scariest accidents between Johann Zarco and Franco Morbidelli in 2020 which could have spelled disaster for Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales - both riders were nearly collected by oncoming bikes - the changes made for this year ensured a much safer 2022 Austrian MotoGP while providing just as much excitement. 

About the change, Miller said: "The track is safer and I didn’t see anyone nearly die at turn three this year. That’s already a positive."