Marquez: ‘I’m not obsessed to win another championship, but level still there’

Marc Marquez says he’s 'not obsessed' with winning another MotoGP world championship right now after finding new motivations, however, that could change in the future after claiming his level is 'still there'.

Marquez, who underwent his fourth right shoulder operation since 2020 following the Italian MotoGP at Mugello, has been brilliant in his return which was highlighted by him claiming pole position at Motegi two rounds ago. 

The eight-time world champion has looked much smoother, more comfortable and faster in his return, although a lack of strength in his right arm muscles and an underwhelming 2022 RC213V Honda machine mean wins are unlikely before the end of the season, although not impossible given it’s Marquez we’re talking about. 

Since becoming a MotoGP rider in 2013 Marquez has been obsessed with winning, but after a turbulent two years after suffering his broken arm at the 2020 season opener in Jerez, new motivations have led to that not longer being the case at present. 

Speaking to, Marquez said: "I know what I achieved before the injuries but now I don’t care. I will think about it when I retire. For example, right now, I say to the team when we pass into Q2 we celebrate. If we make the second row or third row we celebrate. If we make the top five we celebrate. 

"You cannot be in the top all the years. You will have ups and downs. Many legends in the past had a bad injury; for example, I talk a lot with Mick Doohan

"Without the leg injury, how many world championships would Doohan [have won], we don’t know. But in the end it was his style and what he did was amazing. 

"Now I have new motivations. Now I’m not obsessed to win another championship - [but] it can be, can be in the future and we will know." 


Marquez acknowledges early MotoGP return in 2020 was his ‘mistake’

Following the initial injury Marquez suffered, the Honda rider made an incredibly swift return to action as he took part in free practice for round two of the season, again at Jerez, just three days after his surgery. 

As expected his return was too soon and caused more damage, which looking back on it, Marquez has taken full responsibility despite being given the all-clear by doctors. 

"We came back too early," added Marquez. "The doctors said to me that it would not be a problem and then it was my decision. In the end, the one who takes the decision is the rider so it was my mistake. 

"It was one of the possibilities to stop my career. I speak a lot with all my family and the people close to me, really close to me. Then I saw the solution to improve my personal and professional life. 

"To go through all these things, to keep the motivation is [because of] the passion. My passion for motorbikes is higher than anything in the world and I’m not quiet if I’m sitting at home on the sofa watching the races. 

"Still I feel part of MotoGP and I feel part of this world. I feel that when I’m racing, still my level is there. This is the most important."

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