Francesco Bagnaia edged Quartararo in the season-finale Valencia MotoGP to claim his first title, and end Quartararo’s reign.

New pictures show Quartararo in tears and being consoled by those around him…

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Crew chief Diego Gubellini: Well done. Amazing job.

Team boss Lin Jarvis: Thanks for everything, man.

Quartararo: When Pecco comes in, I’ll go and see him, then come back.

Yamaha team: OK. Go and congratulate him. But come straight back.

Gubellini to a weeping Quartararo: You had a great race. Unfortunately the seasons are like this sometimes. Sometimes they go a bit s***. You made a few mistakes, I made a few mistakes, we have to make up for it next year.

Quartaro’s friend: Bro, don’t cry, my bro. Runner-up, come on. You did what you could do. Be proud. I know it’s hard, but come on.

Ducati engineers praise Quartararo: Really well done.

Yamaha garage chants: Fabio! Fabio! Fabio!

Quartararo to Gubellini: I was on the limit. I wasn’t far, but… what pisses me off the most is that under braking I was catching him but…

Jarvis to Quartararo: Yeah, we lose. Big ask. It was a strong season. Next year, look forwards, not backwards. We tried to the max but that’s all we can possibly ask for. We knew at the beginning of the year - remember the beginning of the year? - I thought the year would be much more difficult than it was. But mainly it was less because you are at your maximum.

Quartararo: Yeah, it was good. Thank you, Lin.

Bagnaia: The race was a bit of a pain.

Engineer: It’s fair to say that you did not enjoy the race at all. I thought the wing that flew off was Fabio’s!

Bagnaia: I couldn’t ride anymore.

Engineer: I know. It was obvious from the timing. Then Brad Binder came through like a madman and overtook everyone!

Miller hands Gigi Dall’Igna a cigar: So that we can smoke right after!

Dall’Igna: I love you.

Miller to Bagnaia: I’m so happy for you, mate.