The F1 driver’s speech was on MotoGP’s social media but perfectly sums up the spirit and emotion of racing on four wheels or two wheels.

“Enjoy the butterflies,” he said. “Enjoy being naive. Enjoy the nerves, the pressure.

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“If you want to stand on top from day one, then there’s nothing else to look forward to.

“Enjoy the process of making a name for yourself, and meeting some great people along the way.

“There are a lot of worldly people in this paddock that you can laugh with, learn from, enjoy some moments with.

“Embrace the good ones. Stay focused. Don’t veer too far off your path.

“Build, grow, learn from yourself.

“Don’t forget what got you here.”

Ricciardo won’t be in the F1 2023 driver line-up - he has lost his place at McLaren alongside Lando Norris, and will be replaced by rookie Oscar Piastri. But he will act as Red Bull’s third driver.

A veteran of F1, his words will resonate into the MotoGP paddock too.