Ducati revelations - toughest rider to control? The nastiest teammate rivalry?

The toughest rider to control, and the nastiest teammate rivalry, have both been described by Ducati team manager Davide Tardozzi.
Dovizioso, Ciabatti, Tordozzi, Ducati, Indianapolis MotoGP
Dovizioso, Ciabatti, Tordozzi, Ducati, Indianapolis MotoGP

Jorge Lorenzo, it took me some time to size him up,” Tardozzi told GPOne about the most difficult rider he has ever managed.

“Now we are still on excellent terms but it took a while, also because when he arrived at Ducati he was already a five-time world champion.“It took us some time to understand each other.

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“To be honest, it took me some time to understand Francesco Bagnaia as well.

“Pecco is a guy with a unique intellectual honesty but you have to know a few things to be able to suit him, not everyone suits him.

“He is so picky about things that you have to know what bothers him. They are essential not to clash in certain situations.”

Andrea Iannone and Andrea Dovizioso were the Ducati duo whose rivalry was the fiercest, Tardozzi says.

“Absolutely, but don’t think that Dovizioso was easy to manage. Getting him to change his mind is sometimes really difficult. He is a very good guy but also a bit of a blockhead!”

Iannone and Dovizioso, 2015 MotoGP. Image courtesy of
Iannone and Dovizioso, 2015 MotoGP. Image courtesy of

How do you avoid inter-team bust-ups?

“I have no secret but it’s important to find a good relationship with a rider, which doesn’t mean always getting along.

“I’ve had an argument with everyone at least once, and with some even more. When they realise that you say certain things, they recognise it.”

Will there be problems between Bagnaia and new factory Ducati teammate Enea Bastianini?

“They look good together. One morning I went down to breakfast and found them talking to each other. At lunch and dinner they were always at the same table, without anyone telling them to do that.

“They have understood that collaboration is fundamental. They also know that we will help in the same way, and they will have the same chance to win.”

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