Bagnaia, Marquez, Martin’s private chat revealed: “Miller? He’s crazy!”

This is what sprint race podium finishers Francesco Bagnaia, Marc Marquez and Jorge Martin chatted about moments after the race at the Portuguese MotoGP on Saturday, in the back of a car…
Bagnaia, Marquez, Martin’s private chat revealed: “Miller? He’s crazy!”

Martin: It was great. It was a long race.

Marquez: You guys were well ahead at the end.

Bagnaia: I pushed like crazy.

Marquez: What time did you get again? 1’38?

Bagnaia: On the last lap 1’38’.91.

Martin: I got 1’38.89 then I saw 1’39.04 and I thought ‘that’s ok’. Then I heard you and thought ‘it’s over’.

Bagnaia: I put a hard tyre on the front.

Martin: I did too and it was an error.

Marquez: The hard tyre tightened the bike up a bit.

Martin: With the wind it was tough.

Bagnaia: The front wheel kept lifting up on every lap.

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Marquez: I was fifth the whole time. Fifth, fifth…

Martin: Then at the end, ‘bang!’

Marquez: Exactly!

Bagnaia: Jack Miller was really good.

Martin: I saw him and I couldn’t believe it!

Bagnaia: He was going for it.

Martin: He had soft tyres at the front.

Bagnaia: You have to see the way he overtook you!

Martin: Me? I was far off, right?

Bagnaia: I’d said I was going to overtake both you and Miller. He’s crazy!

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