A perceived advantage that Marini might have is that the legendary Rossi is his brother.

But Bezzecchi, who delivered the team’s first-ever MotoGP win in Argentina, insists that Rossi favours fairness within the camp.

MotoGP/FIM stewards need to change NOW

“He has to behave like this, otherwise he would get in trouble with other people,” Bezzecchi joked to Speedweek

“Luca is fast and deserves to be here. 

“But Valentino also ensures that there are no differences. 

“We've known each other in this team for a long time, which I think is an advantage. 

“Because we know each other very well, we know how we work, what we like and don't like on the bike. 

“Vale did a very good job as he gave us some rules at the beginning to keep the good feeling.

“We have a certain advantage because we train together. This creates a relationship that increases the competitiveness of the group. 

“But when something goes wrong, you suffer more.

“For example, if a rider I don't know performs a stupid manoeuvre, I get angry for a moment, but that's about it. 

“When one of my friends does something I don't like, I suffer more.”

Bezzecchi opened up on receiving personal advice from the all-time MotoGP icon who can also call a friend.

“Since his retirement last year, I've realised just how amazing he is. 

“He is always with us, even when he is not physically present. 

“He always texts us or calls us to find out how things are going. 

“We have a really good relationship, he has given me a lot of advice over the past eight years.

“Sometimes he explains to me how I have to ride a corner differently or he gives me advice on how I can behave better in the pits.”

Bezzecchi was leading the MotoGP standings until Jerez when he was usurped by factory Ducati rider Francesco Bagnaia - another VR46 Academy graduate.