One of two riders that have experienced both formats since MotoGP added sprint races for 2023, Petrucci feels as though WorldSBK loses out because in MotoGP ‘you always have to push’.

Petrucci joined Iker Lecuona in experiencing both formats when he replaced Enea Bastianini at the recent French Grand Prix at Le Mans. 

Now set for the first of two home rounds in WorldSBK, starting with Misano this weekend, Petrucci told why MotoGP wins this debate.

Petrucci said: "In the Superbike World Championship we have three races in one weekend, the two on Sunday are more or less like a Grand Prix in MotoGP. 

"A Superbike race takes around 35 minutes, a MotoGP race takes seven or eight minutes longer. That is not much. But if you already have 35 minutes behind you, it's a lot. 

"Then these almost ten minutes are very hard. The MotoGP sprint was okay for me, the long race at Le Mans was much more difficult. 

"Especially with the pace that is set. The tyres didn't degrade so we were able to push the whole race. A MotoGP race is hard and long and the rhythm is very high."

While both championships have at least one main race and a sprint, the differences are aplenty as WorldSBK use Pirelli tyres and MotoGP race with Michelin. 

Petrucci believes this also plays a key role as Pirelli tyres offer superb grip up front, but fade much quicker compared to the Michelin that are used in MotoGP.

"With the Superbikes, we can sometimes even use a softer rear tyre in the sprint," added the 32-year-old. "But you also have to say that the tyres in the two championships are fundamentally different. 

"The Pirelli tyre offers an incredible amount of grip when it's new, but then it degrades. With the Michelin you can push the entire distance. 

"It makes a big difference, so you always have to push in MotoGP."