Meet the first client of Marc Marquez’s management company; future MotoGP star?

Maximo Martinez Quiles, a 15-year-old future star, is the first client of Marc Marquez’s management company.

Vertical Management was set up last year to manage the image rights of Marc and Alex Marquez.

Their new manager Jaime Martinez, who replaced the long-serving Emilio Alzamora, is also behind the venture.

But an added branch to Vertical Management is to look after the interests of other motorcycle riders - and they have now signed up their first client, according to DAZN’s Ricard Jove.

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Who is Maximo Martinez Quiles?

The Spanish teenager, from Murcia, was described by Jove as "one of the budding stars who stands out in the Red Bull Cup and the ETC Junior GP".

He started riding aged four, and competed at a serious level for the first time aged eight.

He is a Spanish champion with wins in various categories already.

Martínez Quiles already trains alongside Marquez and will now be professionally tied to him, as well.

“Since I was little I always liked MotoGP,” he has said. 

“In my family we have always watched MotoGP. My dad used to race here in Spain when he was 18, road racing, but it wasn’t an important championship.

“My racing heroes are Luis Salom and Marc Marquez. 

“I would like to be world champion in all categories. And if possible, try to beat all the records Hahaha.

“In 2021 I’ve learnt how to control the pressure when I’m fighting for a championship.

“I like quick corners, and as well circuits that are very technical and that have lots of ups and downs.

“The thing that gives me more satisfaction is when I ride my bike and when celebrate the wins with all my team and with my family. I also enjoy being with all my friends in the paddock.

“It is quite good I have learnt lots of things like: Start more calmly and in the race, don't get too angry when things don't go well and more things..."

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