Did Honda accidentally offer a glimpse of their 2024 development bike?

Some developments that I’ve seen, and maybe some of you have seen as well, from the video that Stefan Bradl put on his Instagram Story.

He was having a private test with Honda.

If you pause the video at the exact time he passed, you will notice that the Honda he’s riding looks very similar to a KTM or a Ducati, in terms of aero packages.


Which leads me to believe that this is either an upgrade for the 2023 season (they can bring one fairing change) or this is the development bike for the 2024 season.

There was a different look to the Honda.

It looks like they’re going for the ground-effect fairing, and the winglets at the back.

It looks very similar to what we’ve seen from Ducati and KTM.

However, is it going to solve their problems? I don’t think so.

The issue with Honda is that seem to just put their aerodynamic packages onto their bike, they don’t incorporate them into the bike. They just stick it on and hope it works!

KTM and Ducati mould their package and incorporate it to work with the engine.

Honda’s engine is the big problem. The electronics, and the way that the engine works, is overly aggressive.

It’s not going to solve their problems, just bolting on a new aerodynamic package.

MotoGP doesn’t work like that anymore. It might have in 2016, 2017 and 2018 when you could just change the fairing and get some gains.

Now, these things are so dependent on the aero, the engine, and the ride-height device, and everything else working in tandem.

If they can sort the engine out, I can imagine it will be somewhat more competitive.

But is it really the answer, to copy KTM and Ducati, if you’re not going to improve the core of the bike?

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