Rins may have broken Honda’s MotoGP win drought at COTA but the former Suzuki rider continued to be left down the pecking order for new parts and was 'looking lonely' at LCR.

As such, although Yamaha is also struggling this season and yet to win a race, the chance to have the full support of a factory will have made the decision ‘easy’.

Grand prix winner and Dorna’s pit lane reporter Simon Crafar told MotoGP.com: “Yamaha are not in the best situation either at the moment, but the way I see it, if Honda had made Alex feel like a factory rider even though he was in a satellite team it would have been a hard decision.

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“But looking from the outside they haven’t done that. He’s looked lonely and close to… I would even venture to say ignored in that satellite team. Even after his win. That’s my gut feeling.

“Then the decision is so easy if [another] manufacturer comes to you and says, ‘Do you want to be our factory rider?’ You’ve got to do it.

“Both manufacturers I think are going to improve next year," Crafar added.

"I think it’s an inspired move by [Yamaha Racing boss] Lin Jarvis. My only concern is that Alex has been through a lot with this injury and even before the injury he’s had a tough time.

“Yes, he had the win in Austin, but he’s basically otherwise gone through what Joan Mir has gone through.

“That’s not easy to come back from, plus the injury, but he’s an absolute natural and he’ll be back on a bike similar to the Suzuki.

“I look forward to seeing what happens.”