Raging Zarco: Bastianini tried to be “a hero” - crash could’ve been “tragic”

Johann Zarco blasted Enea Bastianini for trying to be “a hero” but risking “disaster” at the Catalunya MotoGP.

A pile-up on the first lap was triggered by the factory Ducati rider who was starting from 14th due to a three-place grid penalty.

His attempt to make up several positions resulted in a massive pile-up including Zarco, Alex Marquez, Marco Bezzecchi and Fabio di Giananantonio.

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Separately, but moments later, was the far more serious-looking collision between the floored Francesco Bagnaia and the oncoming Brad Binder.

Pramac Racing rider Zarco reflected on the first-lap chaos: “I tried to control the first corner, to not hit Binder or Oliveira.

“I got hit by Bastianini. [Saturday], also. I didn’t go into the corner because Bastianini was coming.

“He was lucky that I didn’t go into the corner yesterday. Today, I was, when he arrived.

“He tried to gain more than six positions at the start. This can happen, sometimes. 

“You are a hero when it happens. But, most of the time, it can be tragic.

“Fortunately, there was a red flag. Not because of our multi-crash, but because of the crash of Pecco.”

Francesco Bagnaia crash, MotoGP race, Catalunya MotoGP, 3 September
Francesco Bagnaia crash, MotoGP race, Catalunya MotoGP, 3 September

Zarco was asked why the Barcelona circuit can become a hotspot for big accidents.

“Because there is always someone who switches too much,” he claimed.

“Last year it was Takaaki Nakagami, this year it was Bastianini.

“Maybe it can happen because the first turn is tight. But not so tight…”

Zarco insisted that any set-up changes or tweaks made for the track are no excuse for riders to pass recklessly.

“This information, the riders must know it and take it into consideration,” he said.

“But, some of them don’t take it into consideration.

“I know many things can happen at the first turn, at the start, the moment where you can gain the most positions.

“We need to accept that it’s not a great weekend. To gain three positions or six positions, okay, this can change your race.

“But it can become a disaster.

“It’s more the riders that need to control a bit. 

“I’m like the old man speaking, that we should control ourselves!

“People say you miss your start or lose position. But I accept it, and try to come back.”

Bastianini was hit with a double long lap penalty for the manoeuvre which enraged Zarco.

But he couldn’t restart due to injuries sustained in the pile-up so must serve the penalty whenever he returns.

Zarco reacted to Bastianini’s punishment: “It’s hard to say which penalty we should get. 

“A long lap penalty here destroys your race because, in Barcelona, it’s like going to see the cathedral then coming back!”

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