Twenty-six years ago Biaggi approached Rossi, who he believed was bad-mouthing him, and exclaimed: "When you talk about me, first rinse your mouth!”

Rossi has now named his win at Welkom in 2004 - his Yamaha debut, and where he battled Biaggi wheel-to-wheel - as among his top three victories.

Valentino Rossi vs Marc Marquez - The Rivalry | MotoGP

"They were good rivalries,” Rossi reflected on the riders who he hated at the time. 

"All great riders, it's nice to meet Casey Stoner, Jorge Lorenzo and also Biaggi today. 

“You've been through things together that bind you. I all like them now..."

There was, notably, zero mention of a certain Marc Marquez.

Rossi was speaking in Tavullia, his hometown, as he awarded the freedom of the city for his MotoGP accomplishments.

Biaggi, now 52, reacted to Sky: "I heard Valentino's words, it was pleasant.

“Age leads you to see reality with more roses and flowers. 

“I have not yet had the pleasure of seeing Rossi again, but I'm sure it will happen. 

“Maybe in old age we will find ourselves drinking a glass of wine together. 

“The more time passes, the more there is a desire to meet again and have a chat.”