Following Sunday’s San Marino MotoGP, riders and teams returned to Misano for a day of official testing.

Much attention was focused on the debut of 2024 prototypes from Yamaha and Honda, whose star riders Fabio Quartararo and Marc Marquez have been pushing for a major improvement from their respective manufacturers for next season. While Yamaha had a new engine, Honda's prototype was powered by the 2023 spec.

KTM riders Brad Binder and Jack Miller were testing the carbon fibre chassis used by wild-card star Dani Pedrosa.

Factory Aprilia riders Aleix Espargaro and Maverick Vinales likewise had a carbon fibre frame available to try for the RS-GP, while RNF's Miguel Oliveira got to ride the 2023 machine.

Michelin also had two rear tyres, a soft and a medium, available in a new 2024 compound. Plus a new medium front with 2024 compound.

Injured Ducati riders Francesco Bagnaia and Marco Bezzecchi, on the podium in both Misano races, did not test.

Testing ran from 9am to 6pm.

The first Session, led by Luca Marini with a 1m 31.164s, finished at 12:45. The second Session took place from 2pm until 6pm, followed by practice starts.

VR46's Marini also topped Session 2, setting the fastest lap of the day in the final hour to finish 0.234s clear of Aprilia's Maverick Vinales, with Brad Binder third for KTM.

The next official track action will be opening practice for the inaugural Indian MotoGP on Friday, September 22...

2023 Official Misano MotoGP Test - Session 2, 6pm (FINAL)
1^8Luca MariniITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP22)1m 30.602s47/49
2^6Maverick ViñalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP23)+0.234s35/42
3^7Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.552s35/36
4˅3Jorge MartinSPAPramac Ducati (GP23)+0.566s25/27
5^11Jack MillerAUSRed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.573s43/44
6˅2Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.575s50/50
7^7Miguel OliveiraPORRNF Aprilia (RS-GP22)+0.630s31/37
8^7Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.699s39/44
9˅7Alex MarquezSPAGresini Ducati (GP22)+0.735s17/26
10˅3Raul FernandezSPARNF Aprilia (RS-GP22)+0.760s32/32
11˅8Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP23)+0.779s17/25
12^1Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+0.832s40/40
13˅8Johann ZarcoFRAPramac Ducati (GP23)+0.930s13/14
14˅8Marc MarquezSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.973s22/28
15˅4Augusto FernandezSPATech3 GASGAS (RC16)*+1.084s15/28
16˅4Joan MirSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.085s30/43

Official Misano MotoGP records
Best lap: Jorge Martin 1m 30.390s (2023)
Fastest race lap: Marco Bezzecchi 1m 31.342s (2022)

2023 Official Misano MotoGP Test - Session 2, 5pm
1^1Jorge MartinSPAPramac Ducati (GP23)1m 31.168s25/27
2˅1Alex MarquezSPAGresini Ducati (GP22)+0.169s17/26
3^7Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP23)+0.213s17/21
4^4Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.237s29/30
5˅2Johann ZarcoFRAPramac Ducati (GP23)+0.364s13/14
6^7Marc MarquezSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.407s22/28
7^5Raul FernandezSPARNF Aprilia (RS-GP22)+0.427s22/22
8˅4Maverick ViñalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP23)+0.437s20/27
9˅4Luca MariniITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP22)+0.467s16/31
10˅3Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.518s17/19
11˅5Augusto FernandezSPATech3 GASGAS (RC16)*+0.518s15/28
12˅3Joan MirSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.635s13/26
13^3Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+0.765s26/26
14˅3Miguel OliveiraPORRNF Aprilia (RS-GP22)+0.814s4/25
15˅1Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.820s14/20
16˅1Jack MillerAUSRed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.823s18/19


2023 Official Misano MotoGP Test - Session 2, 4pm
1 Alex MarquezSPAGresini Ducati (GP22)1m 31.337s17/20
2 Jorge MartinSPAPramac Ducati (GP23)+0.136s18/22
3 Johann ZarcoFRAPramac Ducati (GP23)+0.195s13/14
4 Maverick ViñalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP23)+0.281s5/12
5 Luca MariniITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP22)+0.298s16/21
6 Augusto FernandezSPATech3 GASGAS (RC16)*+0.349s15/15
7 Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.394s10/12
8 Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.397s6/18
9 Joan MirSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.466s13/15
10 Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP23)+0.497s5/11
11 Miguel OliveiraPORRNF Aprilia (RS-GP22)+0.645s4/15
12 Raul FernandezSPARNF Aprilia (RS-GP22)+0.659s9/10
13 Marc MarquezSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.763s15/18
14 Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.778s9/9
15 Jack MillerAUSRed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.846s4/12
16 Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+1.412s3/10



2023 Official Misano MotoGP Test - Session 2, 3pm
1 Johann ZarcoFRAPramac Ducati (GP23)1m 31.532s13/14
2 Luca MariniITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP22)+0.185s7/8
3 Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.202s6/6
4 Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.386s5/5
5 Jack MillerAUSRed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.651s4/5
6 Alex MarquezSPAGresini Ducati (GP22)+0.669s4/9
7 Jorge MartinSPAPramac Ducati (GP23)+0.690s5/5
8 Marc MarquezSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.264s4/4

Official Misano MotoGP records
Best lap: Jorge Martin 1m 30.390s (2023)
Fastest race lap: Marco Bezzecchi 1m 31.342s (2022)


As of 12:45pm, and the end of Session 1, Luca Marini is fastest for VR46 Ducati followed by San Marpino MotoGP winner Jorge Martin (who walked back without his bike just before lunch), Aprilia's Maverick Vinales and Miller.

2023 Official Misano MotoGP Test - 12:45pm (end Session 1)
1^3Luca MariniITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP22)1m 31.164s39/39
2˅1Jorge MartinSPAPramac Ducati (GP23)+0.187s27/36
3˅1Maverick ViñalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP23)+0.194s27/40
4^5Jack MillerAUSRed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.325s31/31
5˅2Johann ZarcoFRAPramac Ducati (GP23)+0.328s41/41
6^2Raul FernandezSPARNF Aprilia (RS-GP22)+0.363s43/43
7˅2Miguel OliveiraPORRNF Aprilia (RS-GP22)+0.515s19/28
8^2Alex MarquezSPAGresini Ducati (GP22)+0.570s39/41
9˅3Augusto FernandezSPATech3 GASGAS (RC16)*+0.578s40/49
10˅3Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.607s38/41
11^5Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.647s27/32
12˅1Pol EspargaroSPATech3 GASGAS (RC16)+0.680s39/39
13^1Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.765s32/32
14^3Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+0.831s39/47
15=Stefan BradlGERLCR Honda (RC213V)+0.982s38/38
16˅4Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP23)+0.986s18/36
17˅4Marc MarquezSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.023s17/35
18=Joan MirSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.152s20/29

Official Misano MotoGP records
Best lap: Jorge Martin 1m 30.390s (2023)
Fastest race lap: Marco Bezzecchi 1m 31.342s (2022)

As of midday, Sunday's winner Jorge Martin is fastest for Pramac Ducati ahead of Aprilia's Maverick Vinales, while Marc Marquez has now joined team-mate Joan Mir in trying a 2024 'Bradl' prototype. Aleix Espargaro fell at Turn 13.

2023 Official Misano MotoGP Test - 12pm
1^10Jorge MartinSPAPramac Ducati (GP23)1m 31.351s27/28299.1
2^2Maverick ViñalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP23)+0.007s27/29298.3
3=Johann ZarcoFRAPramac Ducati (GP23)+0.270s23/28296.7
4^1Luca MariniITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP22)+0.316s18/29296.7
5˅4Miguel OliveiraPORRNF Aprilia (RS-GP22)+0.328s19/19299.1
6=Augusto FernandezSPATech3 GASGAS (RC16)*+0.391s40/40295.8
7^6Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.446s32/34295.8
8˅6Raul FernandezSPARNF Aprilia (RS-GP22)+0.484s21/32295
9=Jack MillerAUSRed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.496s19/20295.8
10˅2Alex MarquezSPAGresini Ducati (GP22)+0.524s29/29295
11^3Pol EspargaroSPATech3 GASGAS (RC16)+0.704s33/33296.7
12˅5Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP23)+0.799s18/28296.7
13^3Marc MarquezSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.836s17/30295.8
14˅2Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.861s19/27298.3
15=Stefan BradlGERLCR Honda (RC213V)+0.891s24/28294.2
16˅6Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.917s17/22291.8
17^1Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+0.952s27/34292.6
18˅1Joan MirSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.965s20/20293.4


Miguel Oliveira is fastest as of 11am, riding an 'all-black' test Aprilia. RNF team-mate Raul Fernandez looks to have his usual (2022) RNF machines.

The test, the last available to MotoGP race riders before the end of the 2023 world championship, takes place from 9:00-18:00 (UK time), with a break for lunch…

2023 Official Misano MotoGP Test - 11am
1Miguel OliveiraPORRNF Aprilia (RS-GP22)1m 31.743s
2Johann ZarcoFRAPramac Ducati (GP23)+0.096s
3Maverick VinalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP23)+0.293s
4Luca MariniITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP22)+0.316s
5Augusto FernandezSPATech3 GASGAS (RC16)*+0.316s
6Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP23)+0.407s
7Alex MarquezSPAGresini Ducati (GP22)+0.422s
8Jack MillerAUSRed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.452s
9Raul FernandezSPARNF Aprilia (RS-GP22)+0.487s
10Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.585s
11Jorge MartinSPAPramac Ducati (GP23)+0.589s
12Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.599s
13Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.667s
14Pol EspargaroSPATech3 GASGAS (RC16)+0.670s
15Stefan BradlGERLCR Honda (RC213V)+0.989s
16Marc MarquezSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.989s
17Joan MirSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.169s
18Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+1.421s


2023 Official Misano MotoGP Test - 10am
1Augusto FernandezSPATech3 GASGAS (RC16)*1m 32.916s
2Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.813s
3Johann ZarcoFRAPramac Ducati (GP23)+0.943s
4Raul FernandezSPARNF Aprilia (RS-GP22)+1.051s
5Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+1.254s
6Maverick VinalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP23)+2.482s
7Stefan BradlGERLCR Honda (RC213V)+3.758s
8Jack MillerAUSRed Bull KTM (RC16)+3.977s
9Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP23)+4.533s