Marquez’s first words on Marini-Honda: “My rivalry with Valentino is no secret…”

Marc Marquez was quick to separate his relationship with Valentino Rossi to how he feels about Luca Marini.
Marc Marquez, MotoGP race, Malaysia MotoGP, 12 November
Marc Marquez, MotoGP race, Malaysia MotoGP, 12 November

Rossi’s brother Marini is set to replace Marquez, who will go to Gresini Ducati, at Repsol Honda in 2024.

Marquez and Rossi’s feud is still alive - but the eight-time world champion is not resentful of his enemy’s sibling taking the seat that he has enjoyed so much success on.

"You have to differentiate things,” Marquez told AS about his differing feelings towards Rossi and Marini. 

“And in the end with Luca Marini I have always had a very respectful, very cordial relationship.

“We have gotten along well and we have talked.”

Luca Marini, MotoGP, Malaysia MotoGP, 12 November
Luca Marini, MotoGP, Malaysia MotoGP, 12 November

There are parallels between VR46 rider Marini and Alex Marquez, both bearing the heavy weight of a surname associated with a more successful brother.

Marquez said: “I said that you have to know how to differentiate things.

“My rivalry with Valentino is no secret in the past, but to the question of whether I was surprised that Marini took my place… if a rider goes fast and he deserves it... 

“My brother, who was Moto2 world champion and he deserved to go up to MotoGP, it doesn't matter what name or surname you have. 

“Each one has their style, they have their character and their style of riding on the track and that has to be completely differentiated.”

Marquez admitted that he expected another heavily-linked name to get the nod for the vacant Repsol Honda seat.

He said about Marini: “Well, I think that in the end he is a young rider, he is a rider with experience on a Ducati, which right now seems to be the best bike on the grid for the results. 

“We'll see, because there apparently Fabio di Giannantonio sounded more [likely to go] there, but in the end Honda will know the strategy it has." 

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