Marc Marquez’s prediction about Pedro Acosta should worry every MotoGP rider

Pedro Acosta’s ascension into MotoGP next season will come with more fanfare than most rookies.
Pedro Acosta, Moto2 race, Malaysia MotoGP, 12 November
Pedro Acosta, Moto2 race, Malaysia MotoGP, 12 November

The 19-year-old, who wrapped up the Moto2 championship in Malaysia, will join Tech3 GASGAS at the expense of Pol Espargaro.

His potential is sky-high according to Marc Marquez who famously stepped up from Moto2 to MotoGP and won six of the next seven premier class titles.

“I already said it in a tweet in his first race in Moto3,” Marquez told AS about Acosta. 

“I don't remember exactly what I put, because I was on the couch at home because I was injured, but Pedro is good, he's very good. 

“He is proving it and, in the end, the numbers speak for themselves. 

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“One can aim in many ways, one can achieve specific results as happens and has happened in the past, but when one wins when it is time to win, scores when it is time to score, when one does not waste time and goes to work, that is when the results arrive. 

“Pedro will give a lot to talk about in MotoGP. 

“He can and I think he will mark an era in MotoGP.”

Acosta already has a Moto3 and now also a Moto2 title in his trophy cabinet.

Such is his potential, that KTM scrambled to find a place for him in their premier class line-up when he made clear his desire for a step up.

The experienced Espargaro has been reduced into a test and wildcard role, and his bike will be given to Acosta next year.

Can Acosta follow in the glorious footsteps of Marquez or Valentino Rossi?

“I will not put any label because I have always hated it,” answered Marquez. 

“Every rider has his time, every rider has his years and every rider has his moment. 

“Each one has their time and their years. It is the sport. 

“Nobody, I have said many times, is eternal. “Doohan had his time, Rossi had his time, Lorenzo, Stoner had his time, then I arrived and others will arrive - Quartararo, Bagnaia. 

“Acosta arrived and there will be one of these who is going to win many world championships in MotoGP, the one who does things better.”

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