Jack Miller reveals he broke a bone while training for 2024 MotoGP season

An injury sustained after Christmas will not hamper Jack Miller in Sepang, he insists

Jack Miller
Jack Miller

Jack Miller broke a bone in his wrist while motocross training ahead of the new MotoGP season.

The KTM rider fell off his bike in Australia to cause the break.

Miller enters this week’s preseason Sepang test insisting the injury, suffered late last year, has healed.

Asked how he’d spent his offseason, Miller told media including Crash.net: “Cycling. I wish I could say that I was doing motocross but I broke my scaphoid before Christmas!

“So I haven’t really been doing much motocross.

“I had enough time to let it mend. It feels pretty good. It shouldn’t affect…

“It was fine. It was raining at home so I decided, instead of going cycling, to go and do motocross. But I lost it!

“I picked the bike up. And waited about 10 minutes then did another moto. I went home, washed the bike, was looking after Pip and my nephew when I started swelling up.

“I thought: ‘Aaaah, I’d better get this checked out!’

“But it seems pretty good. I’ve had plenty of time.”

Instead, Miller turned his attention to training away from a motorcycle.

“Plenty of physical training training,” he said. “I started a new programme, a physical training programme, and I’m working with a trainer in Australia.

“Summer was good! Rather short, this year. A short turnaround compared to last year.

I’ve been busy with the new programme, flat-out since Valencia.

“I did some time in the wind tunnel in January but most of my time was spent in Australia.

“I’ve been busting my ass in the 38 degree heat!”

KTM appear to be in an exciting position ahead of the preseason Sepang test.

The quickest riders at the shakedown were KTM affiliated.

Pedro Acosta (Tech3 GASGAS) stunned by going fastest on the third day while experienced test pair Dani Pedrosa and Pol Espargaro were a reminder of KTM’s depth.

Miller said: “It was amazing what Pedro Acosta has done, especially as a rookie.

“Clearly, the bike is working well around here.”

Miller reacted to the faster times posted at this year’s shakedown compared to last year: “The bikes are getting faster.

“After the test last year we were all complaining about the bumps between Turn 7 and 8. That being resurfaced was a massive improvement. It was fresh for them, the tarmac has had some time to sit.

“Dani was pretty surprised with the amount of grip out there.”

KTM’s solution to bringing Acosta into MotoGP was to demote Espargaro from a full-time racer to a test and reserve rider. Miller, therefore, kept his place in the factory team despite speculation that he may be axed.

The Austrian manufacturer now has the luxury of Pedrosa and Espargaro in reserve, and they have already made a start on developing the ‘24 bike after partaking in the shakedown.

“We have two very good test riders, one coming off a contract,” Miller said.

“The racing experience is there, and fresh racing experience. The more the merrier.

“We’re in a good position now with Jonas, Dani and Pol.

“It means the bike is in the right direction already. It was looking that way last year.

“Now, with extra time to reflect, the boys have been really busy.

“With the likes of Pol being here for the shakedown to work out the kinks, so we can get on and do our jobs, has been really good.”

Miller said about KTM’s early hopes: “It’s still motorcycle racing, there are still a lot of moving parts. We had a competitive bike last year and they are giving their all to give us everything that we wish for.

“I think we’re on the right track. They’re not giving up.”

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