Fabio Quartararo “sure the 2024 Yamaha engine is better, but…”

“Engine, we’ve already selected... I think we have enough power" - Yamaha Racing managing director Lin Jarvis.

Fabio Quartararo, Sepang MotoGP test, 2 February
Fabio Quartararo, Sepang MotoGP test, 2 February

MotoGP’s revised concessions rules saw Yamaha able to field race riders Fabio Quartararo and Alex Rins alongside tester Cal Crutchlow during the Sepang Shakedown.

The extra track time allowed the team to make some ‘important decisions’ ahead of the Official test, which gets underway tomorrow.

“We’ve tested a lot of aerodynamic pieces already, so that’s been interesting. We’ve tested different chassis, different frame and solutions already,” explained Yamaha Racing director Lin Jarvis.

But the biggest interest surrounds the latest M1 engine, which star rider Fabio Quartararo has listed as his top priority in recent seasons.

“Engine, we’ve already selected,” Jarvis revealed. “Everyone’s on board with which engine we are going to begin the season. So that’s already a major plus, because we’ve spent a lot of time developing engines in the last two years.”

The Yamaha trio were listed as reaching top speeds of around 334-336km/h at the Shakedown, close to the 337.5km/h best by Ducati’s Jorge Martin during last November’s race weekend.

“I think we have enough power,” Jarvis added. “I think the engine has enough power, the key point is usability and acceleration. We must work on that area now.”

Quartararo, the highest-ranking Yamaha rider in fourth overall at the Shakedown, agreed.

“I'm sure it's better, but I think we have to work a lot on electronics to improve the character of the engine because it's still really aggressive,” said the Frenchman.

“We have the potential, but we are not using [all of] it. 

"So I think with the electronics we are a little bit far away - not only in the development of the engine - but we have to find the best electronics for this engine and use it on our bike.”

“I feel the potential is there,” he added. “On lap 22 I think on day one I made a '58.5. 

"So it's already quite fast and now during these three days, I think we have to step up in the time attack. Because in MotoGP now the most important [moment] is Friday afternoon, to be already in the in the top ten.

“I think 70% of the job is done [then] and of course in qualifying.

"We have to find a solution [over one lap] - from my riding style and from the bike, I think it's not only on one side. I think we're going to find it.”

Jarvis emphasised that while the initial race engine is chosen – the concessions mean they can now change engine design during the season – there are “many more things we need to work on [this week], like electronics and aerodynamics.

“And if you find a good aero solution you might run into other problems with the cooling and all sorts of things...”

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