Honda hit back at Ducati in concessions row: “Created in the past, for others”

Team managers throughout the paddock have their say on new MotoGP concessions rules

Joan Mir, Sepang MotoGP test, 6 February
Joan Mir, Sepang MotoGP test, 6 February

Honda have delivered a forthright reminder to Ducati that the MotoGP concessions system previously helped them back from the wilderness.

The tweaked concessions rules will this season give a helping hand to Honda and Yamaha, but Ducati have complained about some of the newer details.

Honda have struck back by insisting that Ducati’s current status as MotoGP’s top manufacturer was aided by concessions in past years.

Repsol Honda team manager Alberto Puig said: “It’s a clear help. This system was not created now, for us.

“It was created in the past, for others!

“So now, we are getting a benefit from it. Of course, we will try to use it as much as possible.

“It’s there, it’s in the regulations. We’ll try to use it with the advantages, or let’s say the possibilities, that the regulations give.”

Ducati’s Davide Tardozzi said: “Having the two Japanese factories with these kind of concessions? It will help them, a lot, back to the top of the grid.

“We have to underline that they were on the podium last year.

“We accept this situation. But we have to complain a bit that to help the others, you don’t have to take something from those who are leading the championship…

“We have to think about our testing this year. Having 70 tyres less for testing is a big step down.

“We accept it. We have to show that we will be competitive anyway.”

Yamaha’s Massimo Meregalli said: “They will, for sure, help us to speed up the procedure of improving the bike.

“We already started. We did two days testing in Sepang [at the shakedown].

“We will try to prepare for races in advance where it’s feasible. Like Mugello, Misano, maybe Jerez.

“We will try to exploit the concessions as much as we can.

“The plan is to introduce two steps of engines during the season.

“This is an extra advantage that the concessions are giving us.

“In this moment I can see only positive things. The only bad point is the extra work!”

KTM and Aprilia currently find themselves in the middle of three brackets within the new concessions rules. They have more benefits than Ducati, but less than Honda and Yamaha.

KTM’s Francesco Guidotti said: “For us, it changes a lot. We have only a few more tyres available compared to last year.

“They have big, big, big help. For sure, they will use it in the proper way.

“We have to focus on our job, not to look around and what they do or don’t do. We have to focus on our job daily.”

Aprilia’s Paolo Bonora said: “For sure, the new concessions system will help the manufacturers that have to recover a technical gap.

“There are many new rules that will help them.

“But also it will help the show. Because having many bikes of a closer technical level will help the show.

“We hope that the fans at home will enjoy.”

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