Jack Miller identified at Sepang test: ‘There are people you don’t appreciate…’

Jack Miller named among "people who you don’t notice or appreciate who are doing a massive amount of work"

Jack Miller
Jack Miller

Jack Miller has been named as a rider whose best work at the MotoGP preseason test in Sepang was not reflected on the timesheets.

His finishes of 18th, 15th and 14th on each of the three days might not have caught the eye.

But the wily Miller was busy with even more crucial work that isn’t always noticed by the public.

Simon Crafar, the ex-racer and now broadcaster, said: “The thing that’s difficult to judge about testing? There are people who you don’t notice or appreciate who are doing a massive amount of work.

“I think, from what I am seeing, Jack Miller is one of those guys.

“Remember last year, everyone saying Jack was a second off the pace? But he was going through everything, getting KTM ready for the first race.

“In the first race he turned up - ‘I’m fast!’

“From what I have seen, that’s what Jack is doing again.

“He looked so tired! He is doing everything that the engineers want.

“They all say: ‘Jack is happy to work for us, he does what we need’.

“A lot of that, in the pitlane, is what people don’t see on the timesheet.”

Jack Miller
Jack Miller

Miller had reflected on his own test: “If you told me that I’d do a ‘57 and not mention anybody else’s times, I would’ve been over the moon prior to the test.

“But the others were rapid so ‘57 probably didn’t look that great!

“I’m happy. A lot of work to be done. A lot of laps were done with variations of our bike. It was a positive test, I felt good on the bike.

“We’ve worked a lot in terms of electronics.

“I felt like I got better and better, as the three days went on.”

KTM’s preparation in Sepang did not go unnoticed by Crafar from inside the paddock.

“They always bring lots,” he said. “We’ve seen an amazing amount of aero.

“They have had two engines, as well, to test. The carbon fibre chassis.

“Everyone is on the new engine because they have to check that the riders are happy with it before they homologate it.”

KTM - and Miller - will have two final days of preseason testing, on Monday and Tuesday in Qatar, before the first round of the season on March 8.

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