Podcast: The rise of Pedro Acosta & Liberty Media's potential takeover

This week's podcast looks at the rise of Pedro Acosta and Liberty Media's potential takeover of MotoGP.
The rise of Pedro Acosta
The rise of Pedro Acosta

 On this week's episode of the Crash MotoGP Podcast, the team look at the potential deal for Liberty Media, the owner's of F1, that is set to be announced as they are close to agreeing a takeover of Dorna Sports for around £3.5 Billion.

The takeover of MotoGP by Liberty Media, who also own F1, will reportedly be confirmed in the coming days.

Greg Maffei, the Liberty Media president and CEO, will confirm the 4bn-plus transaction before Wednesday this week, Sky News report.

We also focus on the rise of Pedro Acosta, in just four seasons of Grand Prix Racing, he has won in Moto3, Moto2 & is making the world take notice of his incredible talent as a rookie in the MotoGP class. Listen/Download the podcast below:


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