In Spain, they asked Maverick Vinales about an unexpected move to Honda

Maverick Vinales' value to Aprilia has never been higher... but in Spain, they say he has another admirer

Maverick Vinales, MotoGP Race, Grand Prix Of The Americas, 14 April
Maverick Vinales, MotoGP Race, Grand Prix Of The Americas, 14 April

Maverick Vinales’ value on the rider market has possibly never been higher.

After his sensational Americas MotoGP victory, coupled with consecutive sprint race wins in Portimao and Texas, the veteran rider has hit red-hot form at a time when silly season ramps up.

Vinales entered the Circuit of the Americas after news that Aprilia failed with an offer to sign Fabio Quartararo.

He exited with his worth to his current employers at an all-time high, with his contract expiring at the end of this year.

Spanish newspaper AS questioned Vinales about the option of moving to Honda next year.

He is admired by the Japanese manufacturer, who have secured Luca Marini for 2025 but are unsure about Joan Mir, the report claims.

And Honda have the potential to dig deep into their pockets for rider contracts, although their bikes are currently the worst in MotoGP.

But his value to Aprilia has surely increased since he became the first MotoGP rider to win with three manufacturers.

“I won't be left without a place,” Vinales replied.

“What I want is to win, there is nothing else.”

He added: “The future is somewhat distant. For now, let's continue in the present and we can do great things.”

Quartararo’s decision to stay at Yamaha, on a contract which makes him the highest-earning rider in MotoGP, means Aprilia must reconsider their rider market plans.

Vinales said about Quartararo’s decision to stay on an uncompetitive bike: “It is difficult to give an opinion without being there.

“The reality we have can be very different, so it is complicated.

“I think that if Fabio stays there it is because there is a project behind it, there can be no other story.

“I would have liked to see him on an Aprilia, because in the end it is good that Aprilia sounds out a different rider.

“To me it means the brand is growing, and that's good.

“I think it has been positive that Aprilia sounded more than other brands in that regard.”

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