“Offer on the table” but Pramac refuse to rush crucial decision

Pramac know when they will make their decision: Ducati or Yamaha?

Jorge Martin, Tissot sprint race, Grand Prix of the Americas, 13 April
Jorge Martin, Tissot sprint race, Grand Prix of the Americas, 13 April

Pramac are in no rush to clarify their MotoGP future.

Paolo Campinoti intends to “wait until the last second of the last day of July” before confirming whether his team will stay with Ducati or quit, Sky Italia report.

Pramac have been in “intense negotiations” with Yamaha over the past few days.

Yamaha have “put an offer on the table” to make Pramac their satellite team in 2025 and beyond, the report states.

There are reportedly big financial benefits to Pramac swapping Ducati for Yamaha.

But, Pramac will not rush their decision. Contractually, they have until the end of July to decide.

That’s because their current contract as a Ducati satellite team, which expires at the end of this year, includes a clause which allows them to automatically extend the deal for two more seasons.

Extending it would enable Pramac to keep their factory-spec bikes for 2025 and 2026.

But, the money on the table to assist with Yamaha’s rebuild represents an intriguing option.

The knock-on effect of Pramac’s big decision is with the other two Ducati satellite teams, and the rider market.

VR46 are also in the process of renegotiating their status as a Ducati satellite team because their contract also expires this year.

Gresini are tied to Ducati for 2025 already.

Yamaha had reportedly been in touch with both VR46 and Gresini but now appear focused on luring Pramac into their ranks.

Not knowing which bikes Pramac will ride in 2025 means that riders deciding their next move are unclear.

Jorge Martin and Franco Morbidelli are Pramac’s current rider duo. Martin is expected to leave for a factory ride, at Ducati or elsewhere.

Fermin Aldeguer is primed to arrive at Pramac next year but only if they stay with Ducati. Otherwise he will end up at VR46.

Marc Marquez is also implicated. He wants a factory bike in 2025 which he could find next to Francesco Bagnaia, or with Pramac.

But if Pramac leave, then Marquez’s options get considerably slimmer.

Pramac moving to Yamaha would mean that Marquez, Martin and Enea Bastianini are squabbling over one factory bike in 2025 - with no Plan B within the Ducati ranks.

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