MotoGP 'has been approached’ by new manufacturers

Carmelo Ezpeleta: “There have been different manufacturers who have shown interest in being part of the championship in the future"

Brad Binder, MotoGP race, Spanish MotoGP, 28 April
Brad Binder, MotoGP race, Spanish MotoGP, 28 April

Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta confirmed MotoGP "has been approached" by new manufacturers following the publication of the 2027 technical rules.

While Ezpeleta would not name the companies involved, rumours have been increasing that BMW is interested in taking over the former Suzuki grid slots.

“We have been approached by different manufacturers, but obviously everybody was waiting to know the technical rules for the future,” Ezpeleta said.

“We are extremely happy with the five manufacturers involved in MotoGP now. It’s an incredible collaboration. The way we talk with all of them and how they helped us in the creation of the new rules.

“But yes, there have been different manufacturers who have shown interest in being part of the championship in the future. 

"Obviously, [their identity] is confidential between them and us.”

Many view the new rules as inviting for a new manufacturer.

Specialised technology such as ride-height devices will be banned, aero reduced and GPS data shared, alongside a headline change from 1000cc to 850cc engines.

But Carlos Ezpeleta made clear only the current MotoGP manufacturers influenced the new regulations.

“We tried to make the sport the best possible with our current manufacturers,” Carlos Ezpeleta said.

“We suppose that will attract new manufacturers, or maybe will attract new manufacturers in the future, because they make sense and because they will make MotoGP better.

“There were not specifically any conversations with any other manufacturers that have affected or been involved in the discussions for the 2027 regulations.”

Quizzed on whether grid numbers, which have dropped to 22 following Suzuki’s exit, could increase for a new manufacturer - or if limits might be imposed on the number of bikes per constructor - Carmelo Ezpeleta replied:

“There has been a lot of conversation regarding the number of bikes per manufacturer.

“We have rules and the reason why one manufacturer has more [bikes] than another is because they are offering better commercial opportunities to the [satellite] teams.

“For me, the system we have with six Independent teams is very good.

“Today with five manufacturers and six independent teams, these are a very good commercial times. Because we remember many years ago when this was different.

“For 2027 we are not thinking to increase a lot the numbers of bikes, because we think it’s important to maintain this sustainability of the championship.

“If new manufacturers come in, then there are [also] possibilities to be part of one of the existing Independent teams, but the idea is to maintain the situation with commercial freedom.

“I think it will not be necessary in the future to forbid people, by rules, to have more than four [bikes] or whatever.

“For us, the aim is to maintain the economic sustainability of the championship.”

The MotoGP grid is currently divided into eight Ducatis, four KTMs, four Aprilia, four Hondas and two Yamahas. Yamaha is seeking to regain a satellite team for 2025.

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