Pedro Acosta on Le Mans crash: “I didn’t want to destroy the race of another guy”

Pedro Acosta admits the worry of taking another rider down was in his mind during his bold overtake in the French MotoGP.

Acosta Le Mans MotoGP
Acosta Le Mans MotoGP

Pedro Acosta looked to have the best for the podium during the early stages of the French MotoGP before crashing out at turn seven.

His first real mistake of 2024, Acosta was again the lead KTM at the time of his mistake as he showed impressive potential.

Acosta continues to impress, and despite the crash, the young Spaniard seems destined to fight for a win sooner rather than later.

The reigning Moto2 world champion went down after a bold move on Fabio Di Giannantonio as he came from a long way back before tucking the front.

Millimetres away from hitting both Di Giannantonio and Aleix Espargaro who was ahead on entry to the right-hander, Acosta slid out in what can only be called a lucky escape for all three riders.

“Well, we made a good start to be honest,” began Acosta. “We disengaged everything in the right moment. We were quite fast.

“More than anything, Diggia and Aleix were having a battle in front of me in Turn 7, and maybe coming to 8 they were too on the right and they braked quite early to go to the left.”

Discussing his fall which resulted in Acosta failing to finish a race for th first time this season, Acosta said: “And when they realised they were quite slow, they started to release, and that was the moment that I was coming so fast.

“At the end, I didn't want to hit Aleix and destroy the race of another guy, so I tried to stop the bike and then I locked the front.”

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