Johann Zarco: New Honda aero gave ‘good result' at Mugello

Johann Zarco says new Honda fairing helped with turning, HRC ‘pushing’ to have it ready for Friday practice in Catalunya.

Johann Zarco
Johann Zarco

Johann Zarco has revealed that HRC is ‘pushing’ to get enough versions of the new Honda aero ready in time for Friday practice for the Catalan MotoGP.

The new fairing produced a ‘good result’ at the recent private Mugello test, attended by all four Honda race riders.

While the Repsol duo of Joan Mir and Luca Marini tested multiple new parts, including engine developments, LCR riders Zarco and Takaaki Nakagami focussed on the aero.

“The most difficult thing to get this aero, that was good in Mugello, is to prepare many fairings, get all things painted, in just one week,” Zarco said on Thursday in Barcelona.

“I mean it was not planned to have a so good result like this in Mugello. So they did the maximum to get some steps [ready for] here, but they are still pushing to try to have it for Friday.

“I was happy to feel some differences,” the Frenchman added. “I got the bike turning better. Really that was my feeling and with all the analysis that they are doing on the data after the test, they can confirm it.

“So it's on the positive way. It's one thing that I think they can homologate and then see better [how it works] for the rest of the season.

“I'm curious to see if this difference we got will be a big help in the races here.”

If so, Zarco might be able to take his first top ten of the season.

“Let's see if I can get this top ten! I want it and it would be good to have it here in Barcelona,” he said.

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