Fresh detail provided about “intention” to return MV Agusta to MotoGP

"2027 may be a good year for MV Agusta to enter MotoGP.”

Brad Binder, MotoGP, Spanish MotoGP, 27 April
Brad Binder, MotoGP, Spanish MotoGP, 27 April

MV Agusta could return to MotoGP in 2027, its owners claim.

The famous brand is owned by Pierer Mobility Group, who also own KTM and GASGAS.

MV Agusta was the motorcycle that the legendary Giacomo Agostini won his premier class championships on, but in recent times it has required a rebuild from its new owners.

But, it could return to the race track when the new MotoGP regulations come into effect.

“That is still our intention, and we plan to bring MV Agusta back into the premier class,” Hubert Trunkenpolz, a member of the Pierer Mobility Group board of directors, told GPOne.

“But we certainly won’t do that by developing a separate engine because the best in-house MotoGP engine is only one, and we don’t want to deprive MV of that.

“We want that for this brand, as well.

“In 2027, KTM and MV will have to share the new 850cc MotoGP engine, which is why MV won’t be a separate manufacturer in 2027. “We can’t afford it and we can’t allow it.

“Our plan with MV Agusta is very simple. 

“From 2024 to 2026 we have to get the company back on track. It’s going to take some time to stabilise all the aspects, from the product range to the production sites and also the business side. 

"Until we get everything in order, there is no point in racing in MotoGP.

“However, 2027 may be a good year for MV Agusta to enter MotoGP.”

MV Agusta ran in Moto2 for three years until 2022.

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