MotoGP riders to race in retro 75th Anniversary liveries at Silverstone

Every bike and rider to race in a special, one-off livery at the British MotoGP.

Retro MotoGP liveries for British MotoGP
Retro MotoGP liveries for British MotoGP

As part of MotoGP’s 75th anniversary celebrations, it has been announced that every bike and rider will race with a special, one-off ‘retro’ livery for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

A statement from Dorna read: ‘Taking inspiration from any chapter in their unique histories, the 11 teams on the grid – including the five factories – will each race with their own special edition, vintage paintwork.’

The liveries will be publicly unveiled during the Day of Champions pitlane walk at 14:00 on the Thursday before the race weekend.

It won’t just be riders and bikes, ‘many of the sport’s partners ready to go retro, from the BMW M Safety Car to podium celebrations, vintage exhibitions and more’.

The British Grand Prix, the first event after the summer break, will be held from August 2-4.

The first official motorcycle grand prix was held on the Isle of Man on June 17, 1949.

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