The MotoGP tyre rules are to be tweaked, following an announcement from the Grand Prix Commission that the number of hard and soft front tyres will no longer need to be the same from June 24 onwards.

At present, the eight front tyres available to each rider are split equally between "4 of Specification "A" + 4 of Specification "B" = 8", meaning four of the softer compound and four of the harder compound.

However, from Assen (round seven) onwards, teams will be allowed to decide how many of each compound they would like. The choices available being:

3 of specification "A" + 5 of specification "B", or:
4 of specification "A" + 4 of specification "B", or:
5 of specification "A" + 3 of specification "B".

"During the preceding Grand Prix (or the official test organised by Dorna/IRTA, in case of the first Grand Prix), the tyre supplier will inform the teams of the two front tyre specifications that will be available for the next Grand Prix," said the statement.

"Teams must inform the tyre supplier of the number of each front slick specification required no later than 2 hours after the MotoGP race finish of this preceding Grand Prix (or 2 hours after the end of the final session of the official test, in case of the first Grand Prix). This allocation request will be final and no changes are permitted after this time."

The change has been made to help riders who have been unable to effectively use one or other compound. They will now be able to have more of their preferred option.

The rear tyre allocation will remain unchanged, consisting of "6 of Specification "A" + 6 of Specification "B" ".

2009 is the first season of single-tyre MotoGP competition. All tyres are supplied by Bridgestone.