There is still no official decision on the surprising news that Suzuki riders Loris Capirossi and Alvaro Bautista are likely to be allowed extra engines.

Only six engines per rider can be used during the 18-round 2010 season, but the Suzuki riders are already getting perilously close to that limit.

Each time a rider exceeds the six-engine limit, they must start the following race from the end of pit lane - with a ten-second penalty.

The Suzuki riders are presently 13th and 15th in the championship, so any further engines won't make a big difference to the results at the front of the field, but such exemptions are clearly controversial.

The unanimous decision has to come from the Grand Prix Commission, which is scheduled to meet to discuss the matter during the next round at Brno from August 13-15.

The Grand Prix Commission is comprised of FIM, DORNA, IRTA and MSMA.

By Lynne Huntting