During a May 27 appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Paris Hilton spoke briefly about the first race win for 'her' 125cc Grand Prix team.

Maverick Vinales gave the 'Blusens by Paris Hilton Racing' squad its first win with a daring final-turn victory over 125cc world championship leader Nico Terol last time out in France - in only his fourth grand prix start.

"I have my own racing team. A real racing team. We just won first place at the huge race in France. I'm very proud," said Paris, who entered the TV studio on the back of a motorcycle.

"Maverick won. He's 16 and incredibly talented.

"[Motorcycle racing] is so exciting. It's such an amazing sport."

When asked by renowned motorcycle fan Leno about her own two-wheel experience, Hilton added:

"I have a pink Vespa... I didn't want to hurt the audience, so I didn't trust myself to ride out here.

"The fastest I've gone is, like, 50."

Vinales is now sixth in the world championship. Team-mate Sergio Gadea, who finished third in round one at Qatar, is seventh.