Cal Crutchlow has revealed that Monster Yamaha Tech 3teeam-mate Colin Edwards, who broke his collarbone on Friday and had an operation on Saturday, wants to try and start's this afternoon's Catalan MotoGP.

Crutchlow wrote on his Twitter page @calcrutchlow: "Can you believe 1 day after surgery on collarbone, plated and pinned, Colin will start today's race! He wants 141 consecutive starts...Unreal"

Edwards has not missed a race since his 2003 MotoGP debut. It seems that, if he is allowed to start, Edwards will ride a lap then pull into the pits.

Crutchlow has qualified sixth on the grid, which would be reduced to just 15 riders without Edwards and Dani Pedrosa (who broke his collarbone at Le Mans and definitely will not start).



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