There may no longer be a wall separating the two sides of the factory Yamaha MotoGP pits, as had been present last time Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi shared a garage.

But that doesn't mean Yamaha now suddenly has one big open pit box. Instead this is what the Factory Yamaha pits looked like at last week's Sepang test, where a portable 'screen' was placed between the two sides of the garage.

The picture above is of Rossi's side. The view from Lorenzo's side, which shows the screen running down the centre of the garage when not used to conceal a bike, can be seen below.

Lorenzo had been against the original wall - required for the 2008 season due to different tyre brands, but then kept in place after the 2009 control tyre ruling.

But both riders seemed happy for a more open garage this time around. Speaking at Indianapolis last year, Lorenzo commented: "I always say the wall is a stupid thing. It doesn't make sense for anything. No wall is OK for me and I think for Vale this time."

"No, no, nothing," Rossi had replied when asked about a wall in 2013. "We will be very close with Jorge if he agrees! For me, no problem."

Unlike in 2010, their last season together before Rossi left for Ducati, data sharing is expected between the factory M1 riders this year.

UPDATE: Writing on Twitter, Rossi's mechanic Alex Briggs (@Alex__Briggs) confirmed there is no wall this year, adding "we just leave [the screens] in the middle" of the garage when not needed to hide the bikes from photographers.

His full description of the above picture is as follows:

"There is no wall in our garage. What ppl can see are movable privacy screens. In testing we pull the garage door down 2 change parts but if JL is still testing or vice versa we use the screens to shield what we are doing from photographers. When both doors are up we just leave them in the middle during testing. In the actual picture on we have a bike without a cowling behind the screens."


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