According to Spanish sports website five suggestions were put forward by the MotoGP riders to help reduce cornering speeds, during their meeting with Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta and Riders' Safety Representative Franco Uncini on Saturday evening at Brno.

As predicted, the options include the introduction of a control tyre and new limitations on electronics - albeit in the form of a ban on 'fly by wire' technology, which has removed a direct mechanical link (cable) between the throttle and engine, rather than the use of a standard ECU.

The full list of ideas, which includes a return to 990cc racing, will be presented to the Grand Prix Commission. The five suggestions put forward by the riders are:

1. Introduce a single control tyre.
2. Increase control of the throttle by the rider (by removing fly by wire technology).
3. Use narrower tyre rims.
4. A possible return to 990cc engines, but with a limit on top speed.
5. Stay with 800cc, but increase motorcycle minimum weight.

AS reports that the Michelin riders, who have struggled badly at the last two rounds, were unanimously in favour of a control tyre rule, with 'a majority' of the Bridgestone riders in favour.

The switch from 990cc to 800cc was made for the 2007 season in order to reduce top speeds, but the more nimble 800cc prototypes are able to corner faster - forcing circuits to increase the amount of run-off available, something that cannot continue indefinitely.