The first stone of the new Balatonring circuit, which will host next year's Hungarian Grand Prix, was laid on the construction site near Savoly in Western Hungary on Thursday.

Among those attending the event was local star and 2007 125cc world champion Gabor Talmacsi, together with his team manager - and fellow former world champion - Jorge Martinez 'Aspar', who has been one of the driving forces behind the project.

"I think that it will be exciting to race here because, if you remember Brno, there were 30-40,000 people there with my national flag [pictured]," said Talmacsi. "I'd like to try the track as soon as possible, to gain an advantage!"

The proceedings consisted of laying the first stone and burying a 'time capsule' containing mementos of the day and the Hungarian and Spanish flags.

"Since we first spoke with the Hungarian government and all the representatives of the project, we have realized that this is a very important for both them and ourselves," said Dorna Sports CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta. "I'm sure that if the weather is OK the track can be finished on time and we can have a Hungarian Grand Prix on September 20th."