Marc Marquez has clashed with Andrea Dovizioso and Valentino Rossi over the MotoGP tyre ‘freeze’ set to be introduced by Michelin for 2018 with the reigning world champion asking for more “flexibility” from the French tyre manufacturer.

Michelin will not introduce any new tyre designs after the 2018 MotoGP season opener in Qatar which has been installed to produce “stability” according to Michelin boss Piero Taramasso despite the manufacturer eager to keep pushing the development of its tyre compounds with focus already switching to 2019’s tyres.

Marquez says he’s unhappy with the new rule as he feels MotoGP teams will lose the “flexibility” with its tyre options and understanding that it has enjoyed in previous campaigns which has seen tyre choice be a key race strategy tool.

“I am not happy and I don’t agree with it because it depends on the season and we have some new tyres that we don’t know how they will fit and feel on other tracks,” Marquez said. “We need to have some flexibility as we have some flexibility inside the team as we can try a new thing but maybe come back to the old one so maybe we also need to have that with the tyres choices as well.”

In total, Michelin will use around seven different front compounds and 11-12 different rear compounds during the 19-round campaign.

Rossi feels the tyre supplier has “reached a good level” with its compound developments as he backs the move for the new MotoGP season.

“It is similar to the Bridgestone time because Bridgestone had a very high potential but not much development in the last four or five seasons so the tyres were always the same,” Rossi argued. “For me it is good. It can be positive or negative but I think the tyres have reached a good level so I think it is good to have the same tyres for the season.”

Ducati’s Dovizioso has taken a more diplomatic approach having understood both sides of the argument and concedes it could come down to luck on how Michelin’s tyres will suit each rider for a given race weekend.

“In one way you have to be a bit lucky because your tyre has to fit your bike and your riding style,” Dovizioso said. “On the other side it is positive because you have stability and able to work more on the bike.

“It is a balance like always with positive and negatives. Over the weekend you can understand whether it is better for your bike or worse.”