Lorenzo has had plenty more to say via Twitter on Tuesday:

A Monday evening medical update from Ducati:

Lorenzo, who stands by his assertion that Marquez's braking triggered the incident, tweeted: "I have received a call from Marquez to check on my condition". The #99 says the reigning champion is honourable for doing so.

Marquez: "Recover soon... See you in Thailand!

Troy Corser agrees with Lorenzo..

Jorge Lorenzo pinned the blame for his first corner highside and resulting foot injuries at the Aragon MotoGP firmly on Marc Marquez.

The Ducati rider, who had qualified on pole, was passed by his future Honda team-mate into turn one.

Both went wide, but Lorenzo's situation turned disastrous when his rear tyre began to slide, then dug in and spat the triple MotoGP champion high into the air.

"From the outside, it looked like I entered too fast, went wide, leaned too much on the dirty part of the track and that's why I crashed," said Lorenzo.

"From what I believe and what I experienced, I entered in the normal line to make the corner, just as I did in the last seven years here at Aragon.

"But I watched Marc going to the inside very aggressively and not making the corner, because you saw he finished the corner [over the outside kerb] on the green.

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"When he saw I was there on the outside, he tried not to let me pass into the corner and I didn't have any option other than to go onto the dirty part of the track.

"Because we were very wide and already the other riders [were coming], if I didn’t want to lose five or six positions I had to open the throttle.

"Obviously I didn't expect the rear would slide like this or I would not have opened the throttle, I would have put the bike straight and gone outside the track.

"But I didn't have any more options and, whereas in Misano the crash was completely my fault, this time Marc destroyed my race, my foot.

"He destroyed also the possibility I had to win [today] and probably also in Thailand."

Lorenzo was carried away from the accident and later diagnosed with a fractured metatarsal in his right foot and dislocation of his big toe: "The doctors say they will remove the cast in ten days and then let's see how the fracture heals."

The Spaniard added: "I will not go to Race Direction, because what makes me more upset is that from the outside everyone thinks I crashed because I leaned too much on the dirty part of the track and it was my mistake.

"It was not like that and Marc knows; He didn't leave me space, he made a block pass and I didn't have any options other than to crash or go outside the track."

Pressed on why exactly Marquez's move was wrong, Lorenzo added: "It's difficult to see because we were quite far from each other. At the beginning of the braking when I was in front, he overtook me and when I tried to enter the corner, to not touch him I had to go wide. He didn’t allow me to enter the corner.

"I had to go to the dirt. He went to the grip. And when I opened the throttle on the dirt I crashed. So it was like a block pass. He didn't want me to enter the corner and he didn't care about me, he just braked very late and don’t think about the exit of the corner. Just enter and forget about my line."

Will Lorenzo raise the issue at the next Safety Commision meeting?

"Normally I don't go because my schedule is very busy, always, more than normal. But I think in Thailand I will go. But I don’t think they are going to change so much.

"I don’t want to change my [racing] style, but I think in the future it will be a must, with some riders..."

Are block passes unfair?

Common in motocross and supercross, a block pass is when an overtaking rider deliberately 'blocks' the path of another competitor into a corner, forcing the rider on the outside to give way ("to not touch him I had to go wide. He didn’t allow me to enter the corner").

Both riders lose time in a block pass, but it usually only becomes a matter for Race Direction if contact is made.

"It's not illegal, but for me it should be a gentleman's agreement," Lorenzo said. "For sure, a block pass is the opposite of that and as I said, if they don’t do any type of action, I should do the same and do things I don’t like to do. Because for sure I think it's unfair what happened to me today."

Marquez - using the soft rear tyre, compared to the hard rear for Lorenzo - went on to win the race after a thrilling duel with the other factory Ducati of Andrea Dovizioso.

Had he made it past the first corner, Lorenzo believes he had the pace to escape at the front.

"I was prepared to be very competitive in the first laps and probably go faster than Dovi and open the gap. So yes, I think this time I could probably [escape] - looking at the pace of the race."

Instead, Lorenzo's second DNF in a row means he has now dropped 44-points behind Dovizioso in the battle to be title runner-up.