A day on from one of his most crushing victories in the MotoGP class, Marc Marquez put “many, many” test items through their paces at the post-race test at Brno and concluded HRC’s current development direction is “the right one.”

The 26-year old posted just the eighth fastest time on Monday, 0.6s back of pace setter Fabio Quartararo as he sampled another new chassis, different aerodynamic parts and a pair of Michelin rear tyres.

“Of course, in the end we did more laps than we expected or we planned, but anyway, we had many things to do, especially as Michelin brought two tyres, and then Honda also brought many, many things,” said Marquez.

“One of these things was a new chassis, and also aerodynamic parts, different things on the bike. There were some interesting things that we will for sure use in the next races, but keep working in the same direction, because it's the right one.”

On the new chassis he tried, the reigning world champion clarified it was different to the frame he back-to-back tested during free practice at the Sachsenring and the Brno race weekend.

“It's another one, it's very similar to the current one, but they want to make some modifications thinking about the future, and it was basically very, very similar.

“[It feels] In between! It was between these two chassis, and the character was very similar. But the most important, we were very very precise, we had more or less the same comments, me and Cal [Crutchlow], and this was important, because in the end, we follow the same direction.”

At the Sachsenring Marquez explained his new chassis there was to aid with turning. With the frame with which he began the season, the Catalan has to produce record-breaking amounts of lean angle to move through turns.

“We are trying to work on that area, trying to stress less the front tyre, trying to understand why we need to lean so much, this 65 degrees that sometimes I lean this season,” he explained.

“And it's there that we are working more to try to understand in the future, because if you can turn more with the same speed and less lean angle, then the grip is better. But we are trying to analyse.”

Marquez also had an updated aerodynamic package to try, one that was debuted by team-mate Jorge Lorenzo in the first half of the season.

“It was a new package of aerodynamics, because it's something that you can see, and it looks like it was a very, very positive thing, now they need to analyse deeply, but the feeling on the bike was good, and I kept going to understand more.

“But we still have this joker to play, to homologate another aerodynamic package, which Ducati already did. And maybe, if now they analyse these two days, maybe we will homologate in Austria, but it's not 100 percent sure.”