Michelin will bring an expanded tyre selection of four front and four rear slicks to this weekend's British MotoGP at Silverstone.

After last year's cancellation due to drainage problems, the circuit has been completely resurfaced for 2019.

However, the absence of any MotoGP testing prior to the race weekend means Michelin can offer riders an extra front and rear slick compared to the usual allocation.

For Silverstone, Michelin has selected soft, medium and two versions of the hard compound, front and rear.

The front medium and hard compounds will be symmetric, whilst the front soft and all the rears will be asymmetric, with a harder right-hand-side to suit the circuit's cornering characteristics.

“It was a huge disappointment for all involved with what happened last year at Silverstone, but the circuit has done a good job and had it totally resurfaced, but this means we are heading there with no knowledge of how the surface will actually perform," confirmed Michelin Motorsport Two-Wheel Manager Piero Taramasso.

"The range of tyres that we have selected is based on data supplied to us from the company that laid the asphalt, so we have some information of what types of stones and other materials have been used to make up the surface.

"It is always a challenge to go somewhere we haven’t tested at; this is why we had it placed in the rules that we could take four tyres to give the riders every opportunity to find the best compound for them and their bike.

"We are confident with our allocation and are looking forward to see how the new surface behaves, we have initial good reports, but want to experience it for ourselves, and of course we are certainly hoping for good weather, but we are going to England so who knows what will happen!”

The wet allocation will feature symmetric soft and medium front tyres, plus asymmetric soft and medium rears.



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