Marc Marquez has played down any prospects of him taking on the Dakar Rally after he’s finished racing in MotoGP despite being a huge fan of the iconic endurance event.

With the 2020 Dakar Rally underway, Marquez says he's a keen onlooker watching the race unfold across all categories. Repsol, title sponsor to the HRC MotoGP team, also supports its own Repsol Rally team with disabled driver Isidre Esteve who uses adapted controls on his BMW BV6’s steering wheel.

In his latest Box Repsol blog, Marquez reveals his admiration for the Dakar Rally but concedes its unlikely he'd ever take on the event.

“I especially like the Dakar out of all the motorsports because of the difficulties involved,” Marquez wrote. “As you know, I am more than familiar with difficulties. All the different situations that can occur and the unforeseen events that appear out of nowhere make it the hardest test, and it is lovely to watch it every year.

“Although for now I am sure that I want to keep riding in MotoGP, it is nothing more than a dream for the future that I could one day consider racing in a Dakar.

“It is a very tough test that you have to be very well prepared for. Taking part in a Dakar is not like racing on a Sunday, there is a great deal of preparation involved: physical, navigation and technical. To get there you have to think hard about it and have everything planned.”

While against the idea of taking on the Dakar Rally, it hasn't stopped Marquez from hypothetically drawing up an attempt at the iconic event.

“If I raced a Dakar, I would probably do it on a motorcycle since they have always been my great passion,” he explained. “But if I did it in a rally car, I would love to take my brother Alex along as co-driver. It would be fun to see how the two of us did together!

“Perhaps I could even go as a co-driver, since I normally have a good sense of direction. If I'm somewhere I don't know and I'm not paying attention or I'm talking, in the end I have to use Google Maps, but not always! Honestly, I would have to practice a lot. Racing in a Dakar requires a significant amount of preparation.

“For now I'm focused on MotoGP, but in the future who knows?”

Two-time Formula 1 world champion Fernando Alonso is making his debut at the Dakar Rally this year, while a handful of Marquez's MotoGP rivals have taken on races outside of the Grand Prix circuit.

In December Valentino Rossi, who has made numerous World Rally Championship appearances, finished on the overall podium and won his class at the Gulf 12 Hours alongside his brother Luca Marini and friend Alessio 'Uccio' Salucci. Last year Andrea Dovizioso made his German touring car (DTM) debut at Misano competing as a special substitute driver for Audi WRT.

Marquez is currently recovering from a shoulder operation he underwent at the end of November. The reigning MotoGP world champion, who had a similar operation 12 months ago on his other shoulder, is expected to recover in time for the Sepang pre-season test (February 7-9).