With Misano resurfaced ahead of its back-to-back 2020 MotoGP rounds, starting this weekend, rules allow Michelin to expand its usual tyre selection to include a fourth option.

Private testing means the French company already has a good idea of what to expect from the new asphalt, but will still be offering two versions of a hard compound front tyre. The extra option will feature asymmetric compounds, with a harder right-hand side, while the other three fronts - soft, medium and hard - will be symmetric.

However all the soft, medium and hard rear tyres will be asymmetric, again with a harder right shoulder to suit a circuit with ten right corners and only six left.

"Misano is an unusual circuit and you never really know what to expect," said Michelin Motorsport Two-Wheel Manager Piero Taramasso.

"It gave lots of grip in 2018 and we broke records and saw fast and consistent laps, but then last year the asphalt behaved as if there was hardly any traction at all, so it was good to have it resurfaced in readiness for this season and because of testing we conducted with various teams and riders, we have the data to choose this year’s compounds, we now have to see how the asphalt performs during a race weekend.

“MotoE will have three races, one during the first weekend and then two the following week. We will be using the new tyres with the biomaterials and regenerated materials, these performed really well at Jerez in July and we expect them to give the riders the grip they need for this form of sustainable racing, which is very important to Michelin.

“There will also be a big change during these two weekends because we will have spectators for the first time after five races without any. It will be a smaller amount than is normally at Misano, but this is an important step forward, especially when you consider how much Italy suffered at the start of this pandemic, it is a very positive step to see the relevant authorities taking this decision and allowing some fans in, I hope we all give them a show to be proud of.”