Jorge Martin: Third position is amazing after a short pre-season

Jorge Martin follows up maiden pole position with a brilliant first premier class podium after leading 18 laps during the Doha MotoGP Grand Prix.
Jorge Martin, MotoGP, Doha MotoGP 3 April 2021
Jorge Martin, MotoGP, Doha MotoGP 3 April 2021
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Jorge Martin continued a sensational second weekend in MotoGP which saw him take a maiden pole position on Saturday with a first podium during today’s race. 

The Spanish rider led the most laps during the Grand Prix of Doha and was only beaten by Fabio Quartararo and team-mate Johann Zarco. 

After qualifying, Martin said his ‘target’ was not to win, but instead ‘to learn’ and be a rookie. With that said, it was certainly not a rookie performance as the former Moto3 champion looked at home in the lead. 

Speaking about his maiden podium and what he learned throughout the race, Martin said: "Yeah it was a nice race. Difficult for me you know, leading 18 laps was a bit difficult, but anyway I think it was better like this for me."

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"I could control the pace, control the tyres that I was struggling with last weekend. I did a great step and I think I improved my focus and also my management of the tyre which is so important.

"I’m still missing a bit of speed for sure, as when Fabio overtook me I was a bit on the limit to follow him, but I say okay maybe now is the moment to push to follow him and keep this podium."

On the final lap, momentum was building for Zarco who had struggled to follow Quartararo in overtaking his younger team-mate a few laps prior. 

But on the final lap Zarco made a move with only turn 16 left, and while Martin had a look at challenging the French rider back, it was not a risk he wanted to take.

"At the end it was a shame to lose the second position. I’m not happy 100% because when I saw Johann, I say now I cannot try, because if I try and we crash this is a disaster," said Martin.

"But anyway, third position is amazing after a short pre-season in MotoGP and I took the opportunity today to be here, so I’m really happy." 

Martin looked a lot more at home in only his second race as he set a consistent and fast pace at the front, while also conserving the tyres which was the issue of a week ago. 

But what does it feel like to be on pole in only your second MotoGP race? This was something put forward to Martin after the race. 

"Yeah actually I was pretty nervous. I think even more than last week because being up there in the pole position it’s not easy. I think even if I make a pole position in the future I will be the same nervous hopefully," added the Spaniard. 

"I thought I didn't have the pace enough to stay with the front guys, but then every lap was a bit closer to the end, and I say okay, another one, another one and was keeping a good pace. 

"Not pushing a lot and trying to manage really well and was making 1m 55.2s, 55.1s, 55.4s, so the pace was great and that is why I was in front. 

"So I’m really happy and even if I was a bit nervous, I could control it well and do a great job."

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