MotoGP race winner two weeks ago at Jerez Jack Miller will start tomorrow’s Grand Prix at Le Mans from third. 

Miller has been one of the more consistent riders throughout the weekend so far and has a very real chance of joining Fabio Quartararo in the 2021 double race winner circle.

The Australian was one of a few riders to jump up the order with his final lap as conditions significantly improved come the end of Q2.

With the track already starting to dry out during Q1, Miller was eager to get out on slicks just as he did on a drying circuit in FP1 on Friday. 

"I tried to get out on the slicks as quickly as possible. I went out and checked the track real quick with the wets because at the end of Q1 it still looked quite wet - but thinking maybe we could throw the slicks on at the end of it," said Miller. 

"But I went out and understood that the track was completely dry so yeah, I just tried to get back and swap the bike as quickly as possible because you never know here how long that window of having a dry track is going to be. 

"I went out and did like four laps on my own. I had Pol [Espargaro] behind me and Fabio [Quartararo] a bit further back and was able to go alright, but then it started spitting at turn two and I completely lost the front. 

"I thought ‘let’s slow down’, but I couldn’t slow down too much as we’re struggling quite a bit with the front tyre temperature, so I was just trying to keep some temp in that." 

Sunday’s race could provide a flag-to-flag situation which could be beneficial for Yamaha due to their strong dry weather pace, however, if it’s wet which is more likely,then  Miller will be a firm favorite. 

The 26 year-old is quietly confident of his chances, saying: "In the wet I feel let’s say quietly confident with myself. I feel I can go out and be fast immediately. We will see and also that I don’t get too carried away. It’s just between me [mentaly] and my hand I guess."