Factory Ducati rider Jack Miller won an enthralling MotoGP of Le Mans as he recovered from two long-lap penalties and a trip through the gravel to claim his third career win in the premier class. 

Miller led into turn one and had an early race battle with both Monster Energy Yamaha riders Fabio Quartararo and Maverick Vinales

The race started in dry conditions but was soon flipped on its head as rain hit the Bugatti Circuit after a few short laps. 

With that came the moment Miller ran off track and into the gravel on his way to the pit lane. Lap six wasn’t done there with drama for the Australian, as on his entry to the pits Miller was caught spending which resulted in two long-lap penalties being handed out. 

However, the 26 year-old put all that behind him to go on and claim his second win in two weeks. 

To sum up the crazy race and how it unfolded from his point of view, Miller added: "Honestly I don’t know. We had dry conditions, wet conditions, dirt conditions for a bit there, and the wind as well. 

"The wind played a big factor in that one as well. It was a long race that’s for certain. I thought ‘ahh it’s going to be dry here’, but as soon as Maverick [Vinales] got in front of me it started drizzling a bit. 

"Then I passed Maverick, but then you (looks at Quartararo) passed me back and I was just getting attacked by these Monster Energy Yamahas to be honest. 

"He came past me and I thought ‘Fabio’s having a dig here’ as rain was falling. I thought it was just circulating but actually it was proper rain. 

"We both sort of came close at turn eight but then on the back straight we basically went into a wall of rain. His bike was all over the place going into the chicane and then I went into the second one and was just trying to stop the thing. 

"I locked both tyres and basically aimed for the gravel and went there just trying to stop it and get it turned. Then the double long-lap penalty afterwards - I didn’t really believe it at the time and thought ‘what the hell did I do wrong’, but the old French speed traps got me again and had to bust those out." 

Miller wasn’t the only rider to be handed that penalty as team-mate Francesco Bagnaia encountered the same issue. 

When approaching his first long-lap penalty, Miller said: "It was a bit dodgy as I hadn’t even looked at the long-lap penalty all weekend, then the first time I went in there the asphalt looked like the old stuff and I thought ‘umm, might be a bit slippy’, but for the second one I got practice in anyway and that one was a bit quicker. 

"I didn’t lose too much to him [Quartararo] and was able to recover and then ride around at the front by myself. Someone needs to pinch me because I think I’m dreaming." 

Miller has often excelled in these types of changeable weather situations as we saw in qualifying at Brno (2019), while his first victory came in the wet at Assen. 

Miller was asked about riding in the wet during the post race press conference and why he seems to adapt so well. Miller added: "For me I don’t know. I push quite hard in these conditions as you’ve seen in the past. You can see I’ve also crashed a lot in these conditions. 

"I don’t mind when the bike is moving, I feel like I’m able to take the grip and understand it to a degree, let's say. 

"The first time I rode a road bike in the wet I was in the Australian championship and I was fast. 

"It’s something that’s always come naturally to me but it’s also something you have to work on."