With MotoGP set for a 21 race calendar in 2022, Covid restrictions permitted, it would be the highest race total ever for an entire season, a prospect Fabio Quartararo and Francesco Bagnaia are excited for. 

But while the top two riders in this year’s championship are hoping no changes to the provisional calendar take place, eight-time world champion Marc Marquez already feels 20/21 races is enough, especially if events outside of Europe take place. 

Any more than that and Marquez feels a reduction would need to take place. 

The reason for the increased calendar is obviously a financial move, while also allowing countries without a race to stage one of their own - Finland and Indonesia are set to make their debut in 2022.  

The top three podium finishers from COTA were all asked about having an increased race calendar and also visiting new tracks in the Misano (2) pre-event press conference, to which they said: 

Quartararo: "I feel like it’s going to be great. For me, I like to go to different places. It’s always strange to come to the same track, but we know with this Covid situation that it’s so difficult to go to those places outside of Europe. 

"But for me it will be nice and it will be another step to go back to normality. I’m really looking forward to ride the new track in Indonesia. I hope the calendar will not change anymore." 

Bagnaia: "It will be nice, but we have to see if we can go to some races like Malyasia, Japan and Australia or even Indonesia. 

"We are waiting to see the WorldSBK next month in Indonesia. But it can be nice and I would like to go, but it’s always difficult to go to some of those places." 

Marquez: "Like they say, of course we want to go to different parts of the world, but 21 races starts to be a big number. 

"For the future if we want to arrive in more countries we will need to take off some races because like this I feel 20, 21 or 22 is already enough races in a year."