Bezzecchi feeling 'more used to MotoGP speed, adjusting the brakes'

Marco Bezzecchi says adapting to the speed of MotoGP, adjusting the brakes on track and seeing his pit board 'was really tough at the beginning'. Feels significant progress has been made in Mandalika.
Marco Bezzecchi, MotoGP, Indonesian MotoGP test, 11 February 2022
Marco Bezzecchi, MotoGP, Indonesian MotoGP test, 11 February 2022
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Marco Bezzecchi finishes the Mandalika MotoGP test fastest of the four rookies following improved performance in both qualifying and race trim.

The Mooney VR46 Ducati rider claimed 17th place - 0.841s off Repsol Honda’s Pol Espargaro who led the way for the second time in three days. 

While track conditions improved once again on day three, Bezzecchi found an impressive five tenths compared to Saturday, a lap time that was set during his time attack run. 

However, Bezzecchi was also left very ‘satisfied’ by his improved race pace which was another considerable step forward compared to the previous two days.

Speaking after the official test concluded, Bezzecchi added: "Today was a very positive day. Unfortunately we rode less than yesterday because yesterday we did more than 60 laps. 

"This morning we tried for a final time attack and it was good. It was much better than yesterday, which wasn’t very good. 

"Then we did a race simulation and I’m very satisfied about the work we have made during this pre-season - Malaysia and here. 

"Maybe here we made a big improvement from the first day to the last. So yeah, the team made a very good job and now I can’t wait for Qatar."

Unlike most of the grid, Bezzecchi has had a more ruthless schedule given the extra three days of testing in what has been extreme heat in both Sepang and Mandalika. 

On top of the five official test days, Bezzecchi took part in all three Shakedown days in Malaysia. 

But with that said, Bezzecchi feels his physical condition is in a good place ahead of Qatar which will be another challenging weekend due to heat and humidity.

"Physically I feel better than I expected," said Bezzecchi. "I’m happy about this because I was a bit worried about this before coming to Malaysia. 

"But we managed very well in Malaysia to not make too many laps, especially in the shakedown to get ready for all these days of testing. 

"Also today, for the race simulation it was good. I struggled obviously because it’s very hot, but it was not too bad. I don’t know how it will be in the real race because we missed some laps. Maybe it will be 27/28, but that’s okay."

Although the transition from Moto2 to MotoGP is considered a slightly easier one compared to several years ago, the top speeds in the premier class are still far and away above that of a Moto2 machine.

With this in mind, the Italian rookie was asked about the challenges that have come with making the switch to MotoGP, to which he said: "For the pit board, at the beginning it was very difficult, also changing the laps, adjusting the brakes, everything was really tough in the beginning. 

"Fortunately I’m getting more used to this speed now, but still sometimes; for example today in the race simulation I wanted to change a map but I was in a point where it was really fast and I forgot to change a gear. There was too much speed [laughs]. Fortunately I recovered well."

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