2022 Misano MotoGP Test Results - Tuesday lap times (FINAL)

Final (6pm) lap times for day one of the 2022 Misano MotoGP test.
Francesco Bagnaia, MotoGP, San Marino MotoGP, 3 September
Francesco Bagnaia, MotoGP, San Marino MotoGP, 3 September

Following Sunday’s San Marino MotoGP, teams and riders have remained at Misano for a test on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The big news was the return of Marc Marquez, back on a Repsol Honda MotoGP bike for the first time since the Italian Grand Prix in May, following bone realignment surgery on his long-suffering right arm.

Marquez's only track time since the latest operation came on a CBR600 last week and how his arm performs at Misano will largely determine if he is fit enough for a MotoGP race return at Aragon on September 16-18.

2022 Misano MotoGP Test - Tuesday, Combined Session Times
1Francesco BagnaiaITADucati Lenovo (GP22)1m 31.292s2
2Luca MariniITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP22)+0.181s2
3Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.239s1
4Jorge MartinSPAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.262s2
5Maverick VinalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.265s1
6Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.296s1
7Marco BezzecchiITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP21)*+0.299s2
8Johann ZarcoFRAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.314s2
9Pol EspargaroSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.415s1
10Enea BastianiniITAGresini Ducati (GP21)+0.449s1
11Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.624s2
12Alex RinsSPASuzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)+0.644s1
13Fabio Di GiannantonioITAGresini Ducati (GP21)*+0.658s1
14Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.756s2
15Jack MillerAUSDucati Lenovo (GP22)+0.853s2
16Miguel OliveiraPORRed Bull KTM (RC16)+1.044s1
17Raul FernandezSPAKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+1.103s2
18Marc MarquezSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.103s1
19Alex MarquezSPALCR Honda (RC213V)+1.116s2
20Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+1.175s2
21Michele PirroITAAruba.it Racing (GP22)+1.27s1
22Stefan BradlGERRepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.342s1
23Remy GardnerAUSKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+1.447s1
24Dani PedrosaSPARed Bull KTM (RC16)+1.447s2
25Darryn BinderRSAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)*+1.528s1
26Lorenzo SavadoriITAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+2.087s1
27Dominique AegerterSWISuzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)+2.615s1
28Andrea DoviziosoITAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)+3.605s1

The morning session ended with Aleix Espargaro leading an Aprilia one-two ahead of team-mate Maverick Vinales, followed by Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha) and Pol Espargaro (Honda).

Marc Marquez was 17th fastest but only 0.864s from the top after 39 laps. Marquez did not return for the afternoon session "as he focuses his attention on more running during Wednesday."

Session 2 began at 2pm, with only Quartararo on track for the next 40-minutes. The Frenchman came close to beating Espargaro's best shortly after 3pm, before Sunday's winner Francesco Bagnaia put Ducati on top.

The Italian went on to set the fastest time of the day, a 1m 31.292s, in the final hour. Quartararo was eventually pushed out of an all-Ducati top five featuring new nearest title rival Bagnaia, plus Luca Marini, Jorge Martin, Marco Bezzecchi and Johann Zarco.

Maverick Vinales was the top Aprilia in eighth, with Brad Binder ninth for KTM and morning leader Aleix Espargaro tenth in Session 2 (but third on combined times). Pol Espargaro was the fastest Honda in 13th this afternoon.

After making his MotoGP debut for Suzuki in the morning, Dominique Aegerter and GSX-RR regular Alex Rins did not return in the afternoon.

All factories barring the soon-to-depart Suzuki are expected to roll out potential developments at the test, including a rumoured aluminium swingarm from Kalex at Honda. Yamaha is thought to have a prototype 2023 bike for Quartararo and Morbidelli.


2022 Misano MotoGP Test - Tuesday, Session 2 (6pm)
1=Francesco BagnaiaITADucati Lenovo (GP22)1m 31.292s35/42
2^3Luca MariniITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP22)+0.181s45/45
3˅1Jorge MartinSPAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.262s28/38
4^3Marco BezzecchiITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP21)*+0.299s34/38
5^4Johann ZarcoFRAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.314s32/37
6˅3Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.364s21/37
7˅3Enea BastianiniITAGresini Ducati (GP21)+0.500s21/21
8˅2Maverick ViñalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.524s33/45
9˅1Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.624s23/35
10=Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.751s18/30
11=Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.756s22/44
12^5Jack MillerAUSDucati Lenovo (GP22)+0.853s25/32
13˅1Pol EspargaroSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.854s16/16
14˅1Fabio Di GiannantonioITAGresini Ducati (GP21)*+0.951s18/27
15˅1Raul FernandezSPAKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+1.103s23/32
16˅1Alex MarquezSPALCR Honda (RC213V)+1.116s9/24
17^1Miguel OliveiraPORRed Bull KTM (RC16)+1.119s41/42
18˅2Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+1.175s15/34
19^2Michele PirroITAAruba.it Racing (GP22)+1.397s20/26
20˅1Dani PedrosaSPARed Bull KTM (RC16)+1.447s20/37
21˅1Remy GardnerAUSKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+1.601s16/27
22=Darryn BinderRSAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)*+2.019s14/19
23=Lorenzo SavadoriITAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+2.285s22/29
24=Stefan BradlGERRepsol Honda (RC213V)+2.286s11/17

* Rookie

X Rider is X positions higher than previous hour.
= Rider is same position as previous hour.
X Rider is X positions lower than previous hour.

Fastest Tuesday morning test time (Session 1):
Aleix Espargaro SPA Aprilia 1m 31.531s

Official Misano MotoGP records:
Best lap:
Francesco Bagnaia ITA Ducati 1m 31.065s (2021)
Fastest race lap:
Enea Bastianini ITA Ducati 1m 31.868s (2022)

2022 Misano MotoGP Test - Tuesday, Session 2 (5pm)
1^7Francesco BagnaiaITADucati Lenovo (GP22)1m 31.542s17/27
2^12Jorge MartinSPAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.012s28/29
3˅2Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.114s21/37
4˅1Enea BastianiniITAGresini Ducati (GP21)+0.250s21/21
5˅3Luca MariniITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP22)+0.285s15/37
6˅1Maverick ViñalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.334s19/21
7˅3Marco BezzecchiITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP21)*+0.366s24/25
8˅1Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.374s23/25
9^9Johann ZarcoFRAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.457s19/19
10˅4Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.501s18/18
11^5Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.506s22/27
12^3Pol EspargaroSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.604s16/16
13˅2Fabio Di GiannantonioITAGresini Ducati (GP21)*+0.701s18/25
14˅1Raul FernandezSPAKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+0.853s23/32
15˅6Alex MarquezSPALCR Honda (RC213V)+0.866s9/24
16˅6Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+0.925s15/21
17=Jack MillerAUSDucati Lenovo (GP22)+0.950s13/20
18˅6Miguel OliveiraPORRed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.951s11/25
19^1Dani PedrosaSPARed Bull KTM (RC16)+1.197s20/27
20^1Remy GardnerAUSKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+1.351s16/18
21˅2Michele PirroITAAruba.it Racing (GP22)+1.456s13/15
22#N/ADarryn BinderRSAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)*+1.769s14/14
23=Lorenzo SavadoriITAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+2.035s22/25
24˅2Stefan BradlGERRepsol Honda (RC213V)+2.036s11/11


2022 Misano MotoGP Test - Tuesday, Session 2 (4pm)
1Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)1m 31.656s21/37
2Luca MariniITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP22)+0.171s15/20
3Enea BastianiniITAGresini Ducati (GP21)+0.416s14/14
4Marco BezzecchiITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP21)*+0.482s14/17
5Maverick ViñalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.490s4/10
6Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.553s5/13
7Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.571s7/9
8Francesco BagnaiaITADucati Lenovo (GP22)+0.639s5/9
9Alex MarquezSPALCR Honda (RC213V)+0.752s9/14
10Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+0.811s15/15
11Fabio Di GiannantonioITAGresini Ducati (GP21)*+0.825s10/11
12Miguel OliveiraPORRed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.837s11/11
13Raul FernandezSPAKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+0.891s16/18
14Jorge MartinSPAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.912s10/11
15Pol EspargaroSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.966s7/10
16Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+1.024s6/13
17Jack MillerAUSDucati Lenovo (GP22)+1.033s6/6
18Johann ZarcoFRAPramac Ducati (GP22)+1.349s5/6
19Michele PirroITAAruba.it Racing (GP22)+1.566s4/5
20Dani PedrosaSPARed Bull KTM (RC16)+1.728s7/10
21Remy GardnerAUSKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+1.888s6/9
22Stefan BradlGERRepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.922s11/11
23Lorenzo SavadoriITAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+2.405s9/10


2022 Misano MotoGP Test - Tuesday, Session 2 (3pm)
1Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)1m 31.684s20/20
2Raul FernandezSPAKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+1.222s5/5



Suzuki has a special guest rider for its final MotoGP test in the form of newly crowned MotoE champion, reigning World Supersport title holder and former Moto2 race winner Dominique Aegerter.

"Riding a Factory MotoGP machine is something I’ve forever wanted to try, so I can’t wait to jump on the bike and enjoy the opportunity," said Aegerter, who has been a podium finisher at the Suzuka 8 Hours on a 1000cc Superbike.

"Rather than a proper testing plan, this is just an opportunity for him to ride our bike," explained Suzuki project leader Shinichi Sahara. "Having some fun on the MotoGP bike is not only a good way for him to show that he can be fast, but also, we can enjoy hearing a different rider's point of view.”

Aegerter, 31, is working with the injured Joan Mir's crew.

2022 Misano MotoGP Test - Tuesday (12:45pm, END OF SESSION 1)
1^5Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)1m 31.531s40/45
2˅1Maverick ViñalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.026s37/51
3˅1Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.057s35/43
4˅1Pol EspargaroSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.176s31/34
5˅1Enea BastianiniITAGresini Ducati (GP21)+0.210s18/32
6˅1Francesco BagnaiaITADucati Lenovo (GP22)+0.277s33/41
7=Jorge MartinSPAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.333s33/42
8=Alex RinsSPASuzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)+0.405s29/49
9=Fabio Di GiannantonioITAGresini Ducati (GP21)*+0.419s30/38
10^2Luca MariniITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP22)+0.506s27/27
11˅1Marco BezzecchiITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP21)*+0.524s22/45
12˅1Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.538s31/44
13=Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.623s23/36
14^3Jack MillerAUSDucati Lenovo (GP22)+0.682s30/32
15˅1Johann ZarcoFRAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.690s28/46
16˅1Miguel OliveiraPORRed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.805s32/44
17˅1Marc MarquezSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.864s28/39
18^1Raul FernandezSPAKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+0.867s47/48
19˅1Alex MarquezSPALCR Honda (RC213V)+0.945s28/49
20=Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+0.981s29/39
21=Michele PirroITAAruba.it Racing (GP22)+1.031s18/32
22=Stefan BradlGERRepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.103s30/44
23=Remy GardnerAUSKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+1.208s31/40
24=Darryn BinderRSAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)*+1.289s34/55
25^1Dani PedrosaSPARed Bull KTM (RC16)+1.508s32/37
26˅1Lorenzo SavadoriITAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+1.848s21/40
27=Dominique AegerterSWISuzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)+2.376s33/33
28=Andrea DoviziosoITAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)+3.366s16/16

X Rider is X positions higher than previous hour.
= Rider is same position as previous hour.
X Rider is X positions lower than previous hour.

2022 Misano MotoGP Test - Tuesday, Session 1 (12pm)
1=Maverick ViñalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)1m 31.557s
2=Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.031s
3^3Enea BastianiniITAGresini Ducati (GP21)+0.184s
4˅1Francesco BagnaiaITADucati Lenovo (GP22)+0.251s
5^6Jorge MartinSPAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.307s
6^6Alex RinsSPASuzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)+0.379s
7^7Marco BezzecchiITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP21)*+0.498s
8˅4Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.510s
9˅1Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.512s
10˅1Pol EspargaroSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.545s
11˅6Luca MariniITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP22)+0.561s
12^3Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.597s
13˅6Johann ZarcoFRAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.664s
14^2Miguel OliveiraPORRed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.779s
15˅5Fabio Di GiannantonioITAGresini Ducati (GP21)*+0.789s
16^2Marc MarquezSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.838s
17˅4Jack MillerAUSDucati Lenovo (GP22)+0.869s
18^1Alex MarquezSPALCR Honda (RC213V)+0.919s
19˅2Raul FernandezSPAKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+0.952s
20^3Michele PirroITAAruba.it Racing (GP22)+1.005s
21˅1Stefan BradlGERRepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.077s
22˅1Remy GardnerAUSKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+1.182s
23^1Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+1.183s
24^1Darryn BinderRSAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)*+1.263s
25˅3Lorenzo SavadoriITAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+1.822s
26=Dani PedrosaSPARed Bull KTM (RC16)+1.945s
27=Dominique AegerterSWISuzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)+2.350s


2022 Misano MotoGP Test - Tuesday, Session 1 (11am)
1^1Maverick ViñalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)1m 31.744s30/30
2^6Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.262s20/20
3NAFrancesco BagnaiaITADucati Lenovo (GP22)+0.317s14/14
4^6Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.323s15/21
5NALuca MariniITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP22)+0.374s8/13
6NAEnea BastianiniITAGresini Ducati (GP21)+0.471s5/12
7NAJohann ZarcoFRAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.489s22/22
8^4Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.521s20/20
9NAPol EspargaroSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.582s18/18
10NAFabio Di GiannantonioITAGresini Ducati (GP21)*+0.602s10/12
11NAJorge MartinSPAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.656s12/15
12˅9Alex RinsSPASuzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)+0.658s10/20
13N/AJack MillerAUSDucati Lenovo (GP22)+0.703s10/11
14NAMarco BezzecchiITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP21)*+0.747s14/17
15˅14Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.789s12/18
16˅11Miguel OliveiraPORRed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.871s6/19
17NARaul FernandezSPAKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+0.988s10/22
18˅12Marc MarquezSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.104s12/18
19˅12Alex MarquezSPALCR Honda (RC213V)+1.179s20/21
20˅16Stefan BradlGERRepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.412s24/24
21NARemy GardnerAUSKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+1.563s10/11
22˅11Lorenzo SavadoriITAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+1.635s21/23
23NAMichele PirroITAAruba.it Racing (GP22)+1.647s6/6
24NATakaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+1.714s17/17
25˅16Darryn BinderRSAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)*+1.802s22/27
26NADani PedrosaSPARed Bull KTM (RC16)+2.845s10/14
27NADominique AegerterSWISuzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)+3.509s17/17
2022 Misano MotoGP Test - Tuesday, Session 1 (10am)
1Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)1m 32.787s6/7
2Maverick ViñalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.025s14/20
3Alex RinsSPASuzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)+0.541s3/3
4Stefan BradlGERRepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.576s11/12
5Miguel OliveiraPORRed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.668s3/3
6Marc MarquezSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.774s6/6
7Alex MarquezSPALCR Honda (RC213V)+0.936s5/5
8Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+1.205s2/2
9Darryn BinderRSAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)*+1.591s11/11
10Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+1.638s7/7
11Lorenzo SavadoriITAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+1.733s12/17
12Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+2.471s2/2


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Misano: 2022 MotoGP World Championship standings
Pos RiderNatTeamPointsDiff.
1=Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)211 
2^1Francesco BagnaiaITADucati Lenovo (GP22)181(-30)
3˅1Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)178(-33)
4^2Enea BastianiniITAGresini Ducati (GP21)138(-73)
5˅1Johann ZarcoFRAPramac Ducati (GP22)125(-86)
6˅1Jack MillerAUSDucati Lenovo (GP22)123(-88)
7=Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)115(-96)
8^3Maverick ViñalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)101(-110)
9˅1Alex RinsSPASuzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)101(-110)
10˅1Jorge MartinSPAPramac Ducati (GP22)94(-117)
11˅1Miguel OliveiraPORRed Bull KTM (RC16)90(-121)
12^1Luca MariniITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP22)82(-129)
13˅1Joan MirSPASuzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)77(-134)
14=Marco BezzecchiITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP21)*68(-143)
15=Marc MarquezSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)60(-151)
16=Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)46(-165)
17=Pol EspargaroSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)42(-169)
18=Alex MarquezSPALCR Honda (RC213V)35(-176)
19=Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)26(-185)
20=Fabio di GiannantonioITAGresini Ducati (GP21)*23(-188)
21=Andrea DoviziosoITAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)15(-196)
22=Darryn BinderRSAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)*10(-201)
23=Remy GardnerAUSKTM Tech3 (RC16)*9(-202)
24=Raul FernandezSPAKTM Tech3 (RC16)*8(-203)

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